Today, we bring you the crème de la crème of our Cognacs – unabashedly artful, ancient vintages from long-forgotten producers and priceless special cuvées from the world’s most famous houses. We’ve selected a few rare and exceptional Cognacs, often produced in limited quantities and splendidly presented; ideal and unforgettable gifts to those who appreciate a magnificent decanter. From the most expensive to the less expensive.

Hennessy Beauté du Siècle Cognac

1. Hennessy Beauté du Siècle Cognac

This is exceptional work, and one of the most costly Cognacs in the world. Hennessy Beauté du Siècle was created by blending the rarest Eaux-de-vie of Hennessy. This limited edition (only 100 items produced) was created by French artist Jean-Miche Othoniel, for Kilian Hennessy, who managed Hennessy from 1945 to 1975. Kilian died in 2010, Switzerland. The package is made with aluminum and some bronze elements. Priced at $240,396.00

Hennessy Ellipse Cognac

2. Hennessy Ellipse Cognac

This decanter of Hennessy is a blend of seven Eaux-de-vie, selected by the cellar master of Hennessy. Hennessy Ellipse comes in a 70 cl bottle, at 40% ABV. (no longer produced) Priced at $10,138.00

Tasting Notes: This cognac presents a fine color, and some balanced notes of fruit, rancio, roses, and old cognac. On the palate: A great combination of elegant and round aromas, with an important length in the mouth.

A.E. D'Or Sign of Time cognac

A.E. D’Or Sign of Time cognac

The A.E. D’Or is a unique cognac by the house of AE Dor: For its 150th Anniversary, this exceptional bottle was created. This Grande Champagne cognac comes in a fantastic crystal 1-liter decanter by La Cristallerie Royale de Champagne. The Eaux-de-vie used for this blend is very rare and old. Priced at $8,238.00Frapin Cuvée 1888 CognacFrapin Cuvée 1888 Cognac

Cuvée Cognac Frapin 1888 is a prestige product. The crystal carafe has 700 ml of the finest cognac to offer. This Cuvée from the house of Frapin is part of a limited edition (1888 bottles), and a major reference to Pierre Frapin. In 1889, Pierre won the Gold Medal of the Exposition Universelle de Paris 1889; today, the medal is kept in the cellars of the estate in Segonzac. This bottle unites very old Grande Champagne (très Vieille) Eaux-de-vie from the barrels of the Domaine Château de Fontpinot. The Cuvée consists of Folle Blanche notes, which seem to be quite rare to find. The decanter is unique: Frapin created a bottle, crafted by the Christalleries Royales de Champagne, including a 24-carat gold element. Priced of $6,594.00

Tasting Notes: Frapins precious Cuvée is a complex, intense Cognac – on the nose some dry fruits, orange, and a hint of nuts. On the palate: A balance between flowers, some citrus, vanilla, and notes of exotic wood

Talent de Thomas Hine Hors d'Age Cognac

Talent de Thomas Hine Hors d’Age Cognac

The Talent of Thomas Hine is not just a cognac. It’s a whole experience: First of all, we have a crystal decanter, designed by Baccarat, one of the world’s best makers of crystal products. In this great bottle, we find a blend of very rare Grande Champagne cognacs, and finally: The cognac is in the crystal decanter, the bottle in a box. But not any box, it’s very rare wood from Macassar ebony, imported from India. Each case is handcrafted… and of course, it’s also a cigar humidor at the same time. What a multi-functional luxury product.

What’s more: You find four crystal tulip snifters (typical cognac glasses) designed by Bernard Hine. Priced at $6,365.00

Tasting Notes: On the nose, some sweet, not too aggressive, notes. Continues in a coherent way on the palate, a smooth finish.

Camus Cuvee 4.176 Cognac

Camus Cuvee 4.176 Cognac

Camus Cuvee 4.176 is the second edition of the Camus Masterpiece Collection, by Cyril Camus. Cuvée 4.176 is a blend of four unique Eaux-de-vie from the cru of Petite Champagne, with at least 43 years of age. The limited-edition only counts 980 decanters. The name “4176” by the way comes from the “4”, that stands for the four Eaux-de-vie from Petite Champagne, and the “176” for the sum of their age. Priced at $5,094.00

Baron Otard Fort et Fidelis Cognac

7. Baron Otard Fort et Fidelis Cognac

A rather new blend by the old, traditional house of Baron Otard.This cognac consists of rare Eaux-de-vie that have been kept for generations to craft Fort et Fidelis. This Eaux-de-vie from time immemorial sublimates the precious character of this cognac. Baron Otard bought the royal Chateau of Cognac in 1795 for its unique aging conditions: the thickness of its walls and the nearby Charente river guarantee a constant temperature and a right level of humidity. Priced at   $5,013.58

Tasting Notes: Baron Otard’s review: The powerful, generous attack reveals dominant plum fragrances and walnut hints. Smooth spices, in particular, nutmeg, magnify the entire composition. A sweet hint of candied orange mingles with the nobility of a robust leather scent in the finish. Thanks to its great maturity, Fortis et Fidelis rolls out an opulent wealth of flavors. Delicate hints of prunes combine harmoniously with a subtle touch of “rancio.” A sweet crystallized fruit flavor lingers on the taste buds, while a pinch of spices caresses the palate. Draped in its deep amber robe, Fortis et Fidelis embodies serenity. The refinement of its aromas transforms each tasting into an intense and exclusive moment.

Hine Prestige Marriage de Thomas Hine Cognac

Hine Prestige Marriage de Thomas Hine Cognac

Hines Prestige Mariage Cognac was created in 1991 by Bernard Hine: It’s a great Grande Champagne blend of 12 different cognac spirits. It’s a blend of twelve vintage cognacs from 1921 to 1959. Marriage comes in a crystal decanter from Baccarat, presented in a wooden, handcrafted case – which can also be used as a cigar humidor: About 75 cigars fit in. Each case includes a humidifier and a hydrometer. Priced at $4,342.00

Tasting NotesThe old Prestige cognac Hine Marriage on the nose: Complex, and a hint of almond, some floral notes. On the palate, wooden-vanilla aromas, soft and tender. The finish is solid.
Louis XIII by Rémy Martin Cognac

Louis XIII by Rémy Martin Cognac

The Louix XIII decanter is an exceptional bottle of Rémy Martin. A Grande Champagne 1er Cru – and one of the world’s finest, unique Cognac blends. An ultra-premium Cognac, part of a very exclusive range and sub-brand of Rémy Martin. The selected spirits are not chosen after the maturing process but are identified as young Eaux-de-vie, directly after the distillation. You can buy this Rémy Martin bottle online for $3,069.00

Meukow Prestige Nec Plus Ultra Grande Champagne Cognac

Meukow Prestige Nec Plus Ultra Grande Champagne Cognac

The Meukow Prestige Nec Plus Ultra or NPU is a heritage Cognac, the oldest Eaux-de-vie the cognac company has. The decanter “Paradis” is made by Baccarat crystal

Tasting Notes: Deep amber yellow color, on the nose some bright flower notes, the rancio creates some leather hints and nutty spices. The finish is close to the cigar box and pepper. The very elegant structure and persistence. Priced at $2,412.00