The thought of being whisked away in a private jet conjures up images that are far more glamorous than the realities of commercial travel. Three female entrepreneurs have come together to modernize the way to book a private jet with a company called VolJet.

The VolJet model is transparent and attainable where much of private aviation is not. Within seconds of inputting your desired travel date and destination, both private and commercial options will appear on the screen for your immediate view of availability and price.

With, you can form a group to share the cost of flying private, charter your own jet with the option to share, or book a commercial airline seat all-in-one. The preferred network of jet operators are required to meet the highest industry standards for safety, reputation and business ratings.

In keeping with social media trends, the creators of VolJet designed an exclusive smart social media feature to quickly and conveniently share your itinerary so your friends can join you if space is remaining in your group.

While the cost to fly private is higher than commercial travel, booking through enables an opportunity to save up to 70% of a typical private jet charter cost. “ offers those who want to save time and money unprecedented options to fly on private jets,” said VolJet Co-Inventor, Co-Founder and CEO Susan Sloan.

Sloan says that with the VolJet model of transparency, immediacy, and security, clients are able to feel confident about their choice of travel arrangements, and to have a seamless experience from booking to boarding.“Value-conscious consumers now have access to all the advantages of private jet travel at prices well below typical charter rates. Most importantly, it’s a quick and easy way to obtain the exact cost of a flight without wasting valuable time searching or negotiating quotes.”


While makes flying by private jet more accessible and affordable to premium travelers than ever before, it can also serve as a perfect air reservation system for travel agents, executive assistants, celebrity managers, and corporate travel coordinators.

Finally, your private online booking tool is here. Fly private and save in under 60 seconds. is the first online system to mix and match itineraries with both private jet and commercial airline options, delivering increased flexibility, maximum value, and the perfect elite seat. Your aircraft awaits.

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