2022’s been a busy year for Genesis; not only did the luxury vehicle manufacturers unleash the electrifying GV60 on US roads, but now joining it is their new flagship sedan, the G90. A vehicle that promises to be bolder, with precise attention to every detail. It carries a suite of advanced assistance features and a variety of new technologies to enhance any journey. A sleek vehicle for the Luxury Disruptor, we test-drove the new model and discovered just why the innovative technologies make it tomorrow’s finest roadside companion.

2023 Genesis G90

There’s a massage option for every seat

Here’s something we’ve never seen before: a high-tech built-in massage experience for every passenger, including those in the back seat. In fact, each seat is ‘ergo-relaxing’ with 10 air cells on the seatback and two air cells on the cushion and supports four modes of body massage. We’re talking full body, waist, pelvis, upper body, and three options for massage duration and strength, so you and your guests can each customize an individual G90 massage experience, the perfect place, as a passenger to enjoy playing games online in full comfort.

Second-row passengers get a VIP upgrade

An 8-inch Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) is located in the center armrest in the second row, meaning a backseat no longer equates to limited options. Passengers can set climate control modes, seat position, massage settings, curtain position, and adjust the lighting all via the touch screen display, which provides clear guidance and explanations with graphics and animations so any newcomer can follow along.

2023 Genesis G90

Speakers are installed in the driver’s seat headrest

A speaker is installed in the driver’s seat headrest to send out guide and warning sounds that only the driver can hear. This means that passengers are shielded from unnecessary noise. For those with the luxury of having a personal chauffeur, consider resting in the G90 uninterrupted one.

You’ll discover the first-class sleep

The G90 is outfitted with suspension technology that offers a smoother ride and better handling performance. The Preview-Electronic Control Suspension (Preview-ECS) is a feature that optimizes control of the suspension by utilizing a front camera to recognize road conditions and provide a smooth riding experience, whatever the environment may be. Pillows are available for purchase on backseat chairs, and the right side has extra space with the passenger seat folded to the front, reminiscent of a first-class flight experience.

2023 Genesis G90

A double sunroof upgrades beach day

Why have one sunroof when you can have two? The G90 boasts two panoramic sunroofs located above the first and second rows, and these can be controlled independently. In addition, ambient lighting installed on the left and right ends of the sunroofs is linked with other ambient lighting navigation in the vehicle. You can turn it up along the Pacific Coast Highway in style.

2023 Genesis G90

It smells just the way you want it

This Genesis comes with an interior mood curator that not only controls light but also has a built-in fragrance system. The fragrance system offers three different aromas: The Driver’s Awakening, The Great Outdoors, and My Favorite Place, which are all provided in replaceable cartridges. The type and intensity of the fragrance can be controlled through the infotainment system, rear seat touch control, and ventilation panel. Scents are automatically preselected for different Mood Curator modes but can also be adjusted manually.

There’s Personal Butler assistance

No need for help with doors: when a driver approaches the G90 with their smart key, Auto Flush Door Handles pop up. Upon entering, the Easy Close system closes the door without you needing to reach out and grab it. Activate it by pressing a button located in multiple easily accessible places, including the first row’s center console, the second row’s armrests, and the door trims in both rows. Likewise, for exiting simply touch the outside door handle switch or press the lock button on the remote control to close the door.

2023 Genesis G90

You’ll have a state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen sound experience

The G90 once again is outfitted with a state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen sound system, and this one’s extra special because it comes with Virtual Venue, a 3D-surround sound function. This recreates the sound characteristics of famous spaces that are optimized for certain types of music using settings such as ‘The Boston Symphony Hall’ or ‘Bang & Olufsen Home’ (something never before done in a vehicle) and delivers on that sound with an impressive Bang & Olufsen 23-speaker system. Virtual Venue also monitors the interior through an in-car microphone and cleverly creates signals that reproduce the sound field characteristics of the selected space. Then, the system minimizes and stabilizes in-car noise according to the speed of the vehicle while delivering audio through its 23 speakers. This is as close to the perfect carpool karaoke experience as you’ll ever get.

2023 Genesis G90

Once you use Digital Key Share, there’s no going back

G90 uses Digital Key 2, so you can access and turn the vehicle by touching the door handle when your iPhone or Samsung is closed. Digital keys, as on many Genesis models, allow owners to use an app to lock and unlock doors. This is more secure than the traditional means of locking cars—if you lose your phone, your key can be accessed by an alternative device. In addition, the app makes things more convenient when there are multiple drivers in your circle: you can share your digital key with up to three people. With them, you choose the sharing period and features. So, whether you’ve hired a driver for the weekend, or the parents are in town while you’re out, all you have to do is drop them an iMessage.