Copa? Tumbler? Balloon? Highball? There are so many premium spirits to choose from nowadays. But there are also so many glasses to drink them from. Waterford Crystal? Dartington Crystal? Paksh? Lacey Double Wall? Bormioli Rocco? Giocana? Or….

Zelda Fitzgerald New Yorker (History Co) cocktail glasses

Zelda Fitzgerald New Yorker (History Co)

Ridden down Fifth Avenue on the roof of a taxi recently? Danced in the Plaza Hotel fountain? Authorized by the F. Scott Fitzgerald Estate, these cocktail glasses epitomize “ exclusive social circles and unapologetic merry-making.”

Fferone Revolution Rocks (Two for $190) cocktail glasses

Ferrone Revolution Rocks (Two for $190)

Architect Felicia Ferrone iconic two glasses in one ( 240 cl and 120cl). Czech Republic-made Borosilicate glasses that can be drunk from both ends. Glasses leave you with that half-empty feeling.

Tilted Dragon Self-Aerating Tumblers cocktail glasses

Tilted Dragon Self-Aerating Tumblers

Inspired by diamonds, gravity-defying, rock, and spill-proof, these fun but very functional and stylish 50-degree tilts will turn heads and raise eyebrows and provoke comments. Your status will never be on the rocks.

Roebling Rocks cocktail glasses

Roebling Rocks

Named after John August Roebling, who designed it, these 24 % lead crystal glasses mimic the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. Great for Old Fashioneds and caipirinhas.

Balloon Gin Glasses (LSA International) cocktail glasses

Balloon Gin Glasses (LSA International)

420ml bowl, neither heavy nor delicate, these LSA International classy receptacles are mouth-blown and hand-finished by Pole Janusz Lubkowksi’s daughter Monika combining traditional craft with innovative contemporary design.

Riedel Fire & Water cocktail glasses

Riedel Fire & Water

With their flame motif, these Riedel glasses are made in Austria in the Tyrolean village of Kufstein.  The company was founded in 1756. Tall shapes minimize effervescence.

Root 7 Geo Tumblers cocktail glasses

Root 7 Geo Tumblers

Available in gold and black, distinctive with metallic-style edging, these are modern. Feel sometimes like you are drinking out of a miniaturized cable car or a souvenir from the UK’s London Eye. Root 7 also makes chic Himalayan Salt shot classes.

Crafthouse Schott Tritan Coupe Cocktail glasses


Crafthouse Schott Tritan Coupe Cocktail

Fortessa, in collaboration with champion mixologists Charles Joly and James Beard, came up with these lead-free zirconium and titanium oxide crystal whiskey glasses with “effervescent points” to reduce bubble count to increase bubble longevity. Thermal shock resistant.

Schott-Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Hurrican cocktail glass

Schott-Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Hurrican

On Germany’s Glass Road in Zwiesel in Bavaria, the company goes back to 1872.17.9-ounce capacity; 7.25-inch tall, 3.5-inch wide, will not etch, chip, scratch, cloud, or discolor. Dishwasher safe. But you wouldn’t know or suspect.

Libbey Modern America cocktail glasses

Libbey Modern America

Toledo, Ohio-based, Libbey has been celebrating special occasions since 1818. Formerly the Libbey Glass Co and New England Glass Co. Everything they make proves the shape, weight, and quality of your glassware affect flavor profile.

Oliver Bonas Guilia High Ball Tumblers cocktail glasses

Oliver Bonas Guilia High Ball Tumblers

Independent UK store “inspired by the alchemy of great design.” Gold stemmed. Check out their Polosa red margarita glasses and agate glasses.

Joyjolt Aqua Vitae Triangular cocktail glass

Joyjolt Aqua Vitae Triangular

Martil Mitel’s off base 7.2fl oz look-at-me-when-I’m-drinking glasses are rightly favored in his Brooklyn heartland as well as around the world.

The UK’s Lakes Distillery Grapefruit Gin

Favorite Distillery

Everyone has one. And most distilleries have their own glasses designed to enhance the enjoyment of their products. The UK’s Lakes Distillery Grapefruit Gin is superb, and somehow it tastes better out of one of their bottles.