Fancy mixing it up with your spirits? Here are our top picks of the most delicious alcoholic drinks on the market, from leading gins to a multi-award winning rum. Enjoy!

Whitley Neill Hancrafted Dry Gin Raspberry

Raspberry Gin by Whitley Neill

The initial and distinct juniper, coriander and licorice flavors give way to the delicious taste of Scottish raspberries. You’ll find that this perfectly balanced gin features a delicate, fruity taste as well as a citrus, raspberry flavor…what a combination!

Neptune Rum

Rum by Neptune Rum

Know as the world’s most awarded rum, it’s the big talk from those at Neptune and it’s totally backed up. A luxe blend of eight, five and three years aged single distillery authentic golden rum’s there’s a depth of flavor that’ll have you wanting more!

Liverpool Gin

Rose Petal by Liverpool Gin

Pack full of floral notes this Rose Petal Gin is made with organic ingredients and undoubtedly adds a refreshing twist on the classic G&T (try with a splash of Lamb & Watt tonic).

Orange Marmalade Gin by Aber Falls

Orange Marmalade Gin by Aber Falls 

Just the right balance of sweet and bitter orange flavors, this gin also has hints of juniper. Expect a citrus hit with a warming aftertaste.

Signature Gin by Manchester Gin

Signature Gin by Manchester Gin

Along with Dandelion and Burdock Root, their completely delish, award-winning signature gin is made up of ten other specially sourced botanicals including orange and lemon, licorice and ground almond.

Con Limone by Malfy Gin

Con Limone by Malfy Gin

The birthplace of gin – distilled by the Vergnano Family, a sip of MALFY Gin captures the perfect gin moment of sitting on a sunny terrace, enjoying the view, “Dolce far niente”. Yes, we like the sound of that. Try their lemon version, it is thoroughly refreshing.

Fair Vodka

Vodka by FAIR

This taste is courtesy of specially selected quinoa and a proprietary production process that is the result of a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers. FAIR source their quinoa from the Andean mountains (the Altiplano plateau is over 3000m above sea level where the quinoa grows). Quinoa has long been considered a superfood because of its nutritional content and what’s more, it is gluten-free. Bonus.
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Start Point by Salcombe Gin
Start Point by Salcombe Gin

Distilled with 13 fine botanicals hand sourced from around the world, including Macedonian juniper, English coriander seed and fresh citrus from historical trading routes, this will give any boozy weekend a tasty boost.