Designed for the travelers-at-heart, Geco is a 55-meter megayacht charter of the Admiral fleet, the flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group, one of the largest conglomerate groups in international yachting. Geco is an expression of globally recognized Italian creativity. The ‘revolutionary concept’ as the Group’s Art Director, the Architect Gian Marco Campanino calls it, this megayacht features an open-air gym, an expansive teak ‘beach club’ area, and a helipad- enough to make any resort jealous!

Admiral Geco Yacht backside

Geco is a part of the Admiral Yachts S Series and pays special attention to the water sports and onboard party vibe. For the first time on this type of yacht, a teak “beach club” area features high glass side walls designed to offer protection on windy days and served by an ultra-modern staircase to facilitate access to the sea. Apart from that, the megayacht also features an open-air gym and pool, and a Buddha bar. The helipad at the front of the superyacht overlooks the shape of the hull and presents a lounge area for unforgettable evenings in the open air. At the same time, the sun deck features a Jacuzzi tub and an equipped gym area.

Admiral Geco Yacht entertainment room

The upper deck offers extraordinary beauty and functionality, and the sliding glass can be used to separate the upper hall, the external hall, and the dining area. A long counter works could work as a great venue for wine tasting and cocktail services.

Admiral Geco Yacht bedroom suite

The 55-meter megayacht is a true masterpiece that uses innovative shapes, lines, and solutions, from the bow’s striking style to the revolutionary stern design that hosts. As a charter yacht, the external colors of Geco are maintained in the neutral palette with three shades of grey. The chromatic scheme, refined and sophisticated, follows and emphasizes the curves of the hull and the superstructure emphasizing the elegance of the exterior, decisive and rigorous.

Admiral Geco Yacht bar

The interiors enjoy the French al frescos mixed with more contemporary Italian design. French wooden boiserie, precious Italian marbles, bronzed metal details, and leather walls create a decidedly sophisticated environment with an international flavor. Wengé wood, natural oak, and golden Calacatta marble give a unique feeling of elegance and the perfect balance between exclusive luxury and craftsmanship. Geco can host up to 12 guests in four amazing suites and one Master suite with an additional crew of 13. The owner’s suite consists of a private study as well. (please mention the location)

Admiral Geco Yacht dining room

The main elements are neutral nuances interrupted by bronzed metal details and bold tones such as navy blue and cognac orange. A spectacular and huge chandelier in the circular design dining room envelopes the environment with an exceptional wavy effect thanks to hundreds of rods of colored crystals – a true spectacle of luxury!

Admiral Geco Yacht close up

To explore the shores and enjoy water sports, Geco is equipped with flyboards, JetSurfs, and an Evo 43 chase boat named Khaleesi that delivers a top speed of 40 knots. The Evo’s cabin and bathroom let the guests enjoy to the fullest on the water.

Admiral Geco Yacht water sport toys