It is no secret that the most famous character played by Tom Cruise is, of course, Ethan Hunt, and it is very much an extension of the man himself with action and adventure is very much embedded into his persona. So what kind of yacht would the protagonist of the Mission Impossible franchise have? Possibly this, dubbed as “Mr. Hunt,” is a new 190-foot explorer yacht concept designed with inspiration from the movie.

This design’s origins came into the fold when there was a sketch competition held by Boat International, which asked for sketches based on taking inspiration from the movie. This one by Slovenian design firm Vom Creations cut with Mr. Hunt. It reveals why it is sharp looking and very sleek with a sense of athleticism, just like the spy himself.

Mr Hunt Yacht Concept

This yacht is an explorer for the Arctic and other places while being fit for an adventurous streak owner. While the design does impress, the functionality is arguably a bigger justification for its name. It has a near-vertical plumb bow, for example, as that would help it to go through ice plus make it ready for far-flung remote areas. The yacht takes inspiration from the SS Vega, the first yacht to cross the North-East Passage.

Being an explorer yacht in today’s world also required doffing your cap off to the environment, and here Mr. Hunt comes with solar panels on the roof for the power and has a hydrogen propulsion system. Of course, there are all the amenities and luxuries that you would expect as this three-deck explorer has a big lounge area with a jacuzzi while the aft has a huge sky lounge plus offering a fully stocked bar along with a second jacuzzi.

Mr Hunt Yacht Concept

Just like the character in the movie, there is plenty of action and toys at your disposal, with the main deck having space to store two tenders and three powerful Jet Skis. All mission capable, of course! The interior is also expected to be luxurious, with up to 10 guests, including four VIP suites and one master stateroom. There is also the capacity for having crew up-to 11 too. Either way, this is an explorer yacht that is indeed fit for not just Ethan Hunt but the man who plays him as well!