New York is an active and noisy city where each and everyone can find an attraction to taste. Even if you are in a middle of a corporate trip and have only several days to enjoy the city, let us assure you that you can do a lot. Especially if you entrust the route to qualified corporate bus services that will take you anywhere in NYC. Below, we offer our list of top-6 destinations in this beautiful city and hope you will love them as much as we do!

Consider corporate bus rental, tickets, and accommodation

The journey starts even before the trip because there are lots of things to take care of, especially if you are going with colleagues and not on your own. First, decide how to get to New York. It can be a plane, a corporate coach charter, or a train depending on the distance and your own preferences. When flying, don’t forget to register in a corporate program so that you can spend accumulated miles on hotels and even restaurants. You should also book a hotel in advance because not depending on the season, this city is always crowded.

We also recommend turning to BCS Bus Charter Rental or another trusted company that will be with you on every step of the New York journey. They will pick you up at the airport or station and then drive to each of the places on your bucket list.

Let the corporate party bus rental take you to these 6 places

If you and your colleagues have never been to New York before, the destinations below should be visited in the first place.

1. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island

It is probably the most popular symbol of this beautiful city and the best way to enjoy it is to take a ferry and see the monument up close. Along with Ellis Island, it tells a heartbreaking yet beautiful story of immigrants who made New York as we know it today.

2. Times Square

The next destination of your corporate charter bus should be the most crowded and bright square in the world. Tens of millions of people visit Times Square every year which is located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. It is also the place where the whole city has been celebrating New Year for over 100 years!

3. Trinity Church

You have definitely seen Trinity Church in hundreds of movies because this Gothic-style building rising among concrete jungles is impossible to miss. Built-in 1846, it remained unharmed on September 11 and till this day people come to Trinity Church to find peace and appeasement.

4. Wall Street

Do you like movies and TV series about the American financial world? Then Wall Street, an area of skyscrapers where bankers work, is the right place. The famous charging bull statue is also located on Wall Street although the queues to take a photo might be long.

5. World Trade Center and Memorial

WhenJACKIE PITTER —  getting a corporate party bus rental, tell them you want to see the World Trade Center and the memorial. This place bears one of the biggest tragedies of mankind and is a reminder that we need to be kind and cherish life.

6. Brooklyn Bridge

The last but definitely not the least place on our list is the Brooklyn Bridge which you can leave for the second day and enjoy a beautiful stroll if the weather allows. Located near the City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge has spectacular views and is the right place to take photos for your social media. It opened in 1883 and remains one of the most popular attractions among New York tourists.


The 6 destinations above are difficult to fit into two days, especially if you are on a business or corporate trip and have other things to do. But it is possible if you entrust the process to a company bus service that can build the route effectively. You will even have time to buy famous NYC T-shirts and caps to take them home as souvenirs.