Once getting into a vehicle, the motorists first get into close interaction with the steering wheel. This is the reason why this auto accessory should fulfill every demand of the luxury car owner – from ergonomic principles to style and design.

In case the steering wheel does not satisfy you, there is an option to tune it. Trying to enhance the convenience of control and the visual appeal of the Mercedes Benz steering wheels is probable and let’s discuss what exactly can be done.

Such advancements enhance the overall look and make driving more relaxed. However, there are some points to ponder while adjusting the steering wheel, as it has both advantages and drawbacks.

Let’s find out how to proceed with tuning and not be sorry afterward. And besides, this operation is quite costly, and even in case you do it on your own, you will need specific funds and a significant amount of time.

Full replacement

The steering wheel sometimes does not always fit in dimensions – it may be too small, which makes driving complicated. In such a scenario, vehicle owners take a drastic approach and substitute the stock steering wheel with one obtained on the open market, for example, the Mercteil Mercedes steering wheel.

A steering wheel can be too large and it is also comfortless because the upper part can conceal the view and the bottom half stays on the legs, interfering with usual and secure driving. Furthermore, because it takes up a smaller area, there will be more space inside. So modifying the steering wheel to one with smaller dimensions is also a widespread practice.

Numerous fans of energetic styling select a sport steering wheel rather than their old one and add a bright splash to the interior.

Altering the Mercedes steering wheel with leather tightening

After several years of usage, the steering wheel may become threadbare and unattractive, there may be scratches on it, and the leather may be cracking. Perhaps then it is the right choice to tighten it with better material.

Most motorists choose natural leather and Alcantara. They are long-lasting and resilient, and your hands will not sweat or slip while wearing them. Leather with perforations is wrapped around the areas of the steering wheel that must be gripped. The leather there will never be scratched – it will always stay fresh and fashionable.

Modifying the form of the steering wheel

The steering wheel in a new vehicle that has just left the production plant has particular dimensions and form.

In terms of design, a usual steering wheel does not always satisfy everybody as people often desire to have a fashionable and distinctive attribute in the cabin that will draw attention and cater to the owner. Because the critical aspect while driving is handy to control, and it is dependent on the driver’s relaxed position and the proper position of hands on the wheel, some improvements are rationalized in this particular instance.

If the construction itself is not ideal, it has to be enhanced for the owner’s grip. This is accomplished through a small adjustment in the form of the steering wheel, which includes smooth curves and improprieties that boost grip and remove discomfort throughout spinning.

Even in professional tuning companies, this may be extremely challenging. However, having the proper components, instruments, and creative minds, you can alter the ergonomics on your own.

Adding a heated steering wheel

As the newest vehicles have this feature, this option can be added to previous models. It is extremely crucial in winter if you need to drive a frozen vehicle after overnight parking.

This is made up of narrow heating parts connected by wires and a thermal relay. This technology regulates the level of heat generation and switches off instantly once the temperature exceeds a particular threshold.

What can be anticipated from such an extra feature that has been implemented? First and foremost, warm hands and the enjoyment of driving in the wintertime cold. Second, the equipment will use a great deal of power, and this can be dangerous in the cold. Third, if something wrong is made throughout construction, the wires can bend, pinch, and tear when starting to turn the steering wheel. As a result, skilled hands are required to perform such a type of tuning.

Final thoughts

We have reviewed the key alternatives for modifying the steering wheel, favored by car owners. While deciding on an improvement, it is worthwhile to weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages well, so that during the further exploitation of the vehicle you will not encounter this or that problem related to steering.