Everyone requires a form of transportation. Even though you are not outdoorsy, you still need to go to certain places like the store, for instance. You might be used to walking and using public transportation to get you to places, but these are not exactly everyone’s favorite cup of tea.  

Your school or office could be near your house, but it could still be a hassle commuting to it. If you always travel far, it might be uncomfortable for you to commute. There might be days when you wished teleportation was invented or that you owned a personal car, so you do not need to wake up too early to catch the bus or train. 

This wish is understandable. With the pandemic, you want to practice social distancing, which can be challenging in public transportation. Although having a car has its perks, you might regret choosing to buy one. 

Car is not the only alternative for commuting. Nowadays, there are electric scooters advertised in the market. See the benefits of using scooters, and you just might learn that is a better choice for you.   

woman riding an electric scooter

1. Practicality and Portability 

Being able to commute more conveniently is a need that humanity desires to this day, and the benefit of getting an electric scooter is more affordable than getting a motorcycle or a car. They are more efficient than cars. They can travel more mileage with the same amount of fuel. 

The problems with owning a car are busy traffic and parking space. A scooter is slim and small; you can easily squeeze your way into the traffic. They are also foldable and easy to carry around wherever you are indoors. So no parking? No problem!

2. Sustainability

The most significant advantage of having an electric scooter is its positive effect on the environment. It does not emit gas emissions and only needs a small amount of electricity to charge, making it a sustainable source of transportation. Compared to other transportation modes, the electric scooter does not add to the city’s noise pollution. 

You should be amazed at how eco-friendly it is. Even the folks at iScoot agree that electric scooters are fantastic transportation. It is more than just a device to get you from point A to point B.

3. Mobility

Another benefit of using an e-scooter is for your health. It encourages riders to move. Due to advanced technologies and recent events, people are becoming more sedentary. The lack of whole-body physical movement is alarming for your health. This can lead to obesity and cardiovascular problems. 

Aside from being a form of exercise, it also improves your body’s sense of balance. Since the scooter has only two wheels (some have three – one in front, two at the back), you will need to balance on it. Your core strength will improve, so thus your mobility. 

Electric scooters are practical, portable, sustainable, and healthy. It is not just transportation, but it is also something you can do for leisure. It is also a form of exercise to improve your health.

These reasons provide you better benefits compared to riding a car or public transportation. Using it, you have the comfort of owning your own vehicle but with additional perks that you do not have with a car or motorcycle.