With each passing year, it seems like more and more businesses are moving from the physical world to the digital realm. In fact, there is now very little you can’t buy off the web, and many of today’s startups launch with a plan to take in 100 percent of their income through online sales.

While this makes establishing a new business easier than ever from a logistical standpoint, there is a downside: Competition is getting tougher every day. This means you really need to stand out and have a great strategy if you hope to succeed.

But have no fear. There are several essential tips you can follow to start crushing your online sales game. With just a little bit of direction and hard work, you can build the necessary momentum to grow to the top of your industry.

1. Expand Your Reach

In many ways, the online sales world is a numbers game. You need to continually expand your reach and find new eyeballs for your products or services to keep growing. A small, dedicated group of customers is always important — and they will be the foundation of your sales — but you have to think with a marketing mindset to move forward.

The most common — and effective — strategy is typically to use the power of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn can all be incredible resources, depending upon your target market.

Whether you look to position yourself on one or multiple channels, it will pay off to devote significant attention to establishing a following and developing a strategy to foster engagement. Once you build an audience, your sales numbers will no doubt increase.

2. Leverage Established Platforms

The digital world of sales is full of tremendous networks, platforms, and potential partnerships that can boost your income tremendously. Sure, there can be a certain satisfaction from doing literally everything on your own, but the road to climb is much harder and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to find success. It often makes much more sense to work together with others who have already blazed the trail.

One great option is direct sales, and no company has thrived in the industry quite like Amway. By empowering independent business owners to start selling quickly and realize great returns, the company offers a fantastic way to learn the ropes in an area that can become a lucrative long-term venture that stands the test of time.

And with a wide range of excellent resources — like this video that breaks down how Amway works — it’s easy to start your own business from home right away.

3. Network in the Real World

You may have at one point or another asked yourself the following: If I’m trying to drive online sales, why do I need to even leave the house? This may seem like a reasonable question. But it showcases a mentality that will make it more difficult to flourish beyond some initial headway. Yes, you’ll logistically make the income through your online portal, but sales are still a person-to-person and relationship game.

This doesn’t mean you need to be hawking your products constantly in everyday life to everyone you see. But you do need to look locally for suppliers, providers, partners, and mentors who can help you on your journey. With that in mind, make it a point to attend relevant business conferences and entrepreneurial events to meet inspirational influencers in your space, and try to pick their brain for new ideas.

Because while traditional MBA programs offer great insight into tried-and-true business strategies, the people who are establishing modern best practices for online sales are the ones out there doing it in the real world.

Absolutely Crushing It

The battle for online sales is getting fiercer by the day, and there’s no foolproof recipe to figure out how it works best. But if you understand a few critical tactics to get ahead, you will start progressing and soon see some real movement on your bottom line.

Start by expanding your reach through social and other digital platforms, work to find established partners that can help you leverage more sales, and don’t forget to get out of the office occasionally to meet the right people.

By implementing these small changes and making the best use of every resource you can find, you’ll be much better off than you are today. And, if you hit the ground running and do everything right, you’ll be moving from digital dud to online superstar in no time.