When most people flip homes, they hope their finished property will attract a wide audience and, therefore, generate a bigger profit for all their hard work. While many put their heart and soul into their projects, it would be a lie to say that the bottom line doesn’t matter to a house flipper.

The key to making the most money from a flip is usually the buzz it creates in the property viewing stage, and this heavily relies on the size of the audience the home appeals to. This is why many flippers and renovators aim to appeal to a wide demographic through their choices, usually regarding décor.

Why Does It Work?

A property with a more agreeable, and sometimes even generic, the look can be profitable because it is less likely to put off picky homebuyers than one with a risky or stylized aesthetic. A simple and modest look also allows viewers to imagine the property as their own, mentally placing their own furniture and décor within it, which can guarantee a sale.

So, aiming to make your property appeal widely may be the most profitable approach, but how do you achieve this? Some flippers think that it can be left to the staging phase of selling your property, but while décor you use is definitely important, you should also consider the mass appeal of the home earlier in the flipping process, including your original plans for the project and the layout of the home.

This guide will provide a few tips that will help your next flip project achieve a big buzz from a wide demographic, from staging to the flip itself.

Plan Your Flip for Mass Appeal

While usually associated with staging, the mass appeal should also be considered at all stages of a house flip. Doing so even when you are selecting your property will ensure that you choose one that is more likely to have more buyers, such as a moderately-priced family home, than a very niche, risky project.

Aiming to appeal to a wide audience during the planning process can also be done by ensuring that the home will meet the requirements of the average person or family. For example, open plan living is now arguably the most popular layout for the family home, so this might be a great choice in making your property appeal to most people who view it. Similarly, open plan master suites, where the en suite is not sectioned off from the bedroom but rather incorporated into it, is generally a controversial choice and should be avoided.

Stage Your Flip for Mass Appeal

Next, of course, is staging the property. The finish and décor of the home is the easiest and most common way of appealing to a wide audience. However, there is a nuance to doing this well.

The most common approach is to reduce the color palette – sometimes just to neutrals. This means that house buyers are not offended by any out-there color choices and are, again, given the opportunity to easily imagine their own furniture and art in the space. Style choices, in general, can be reduced to lessen the risk of viewers disliking the furnishing and being put off space. Therefore, you should ensure that the staging of the property is also agreeable, which most often presents itself in a modern style that evades the harshness that can accompany minimalism.

However, you should also be careful not to take this too far. A totally desaturated color scheme and furnishing style can drain your property of the soul. While it is great when a home is open to change (buyers love to put their own stamp on a property), it should not be devoid of all character. Bringing in pops of color, such as jewel tones and pastels, can be a great option to add life without risking too much.

Look at existing properties for an idea of how the pros tackle styling issues.

A great example of this is the styling of Blueground Apartments in Los Angeles, which come fully-furnished in a sophisticated, modern style that has tons of character. By using elements of mid-century modern style, these apartments that appear in many major US cities, including the most fashionable neighborhoods of LA such as West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, have personality within their agreeable design. These thoughtfully equipped apartments also use interesting artwork and accessories to add vibrancy to space without using overly bright colors or shocking patterns. They are designed to appeal to the maximum number of people.

You can learn from this when styling your property.

Follow This Lead

While good styling that takes minimal style risks but is still stylish and characterful, such as that of Blueground furnished apartments, is essential to ensuring your flipped property appeals to a wide demographic, you should begin with the flip itself. The choice of the property itself and its new floorplan, for example, can majorly enhance the mass appeal of a home and ensure there is a buzz at your open house.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste, and ensure that your house flip appeals to as wide an audience as it deserves.