Pianos are complex machines. A typical acoustic piano will have upwards of 10,000 parts besides the over 200 strings it has. Pianos are also notorious for being unwieldy pieces of furniture that sit pretty but are a headache to move. If you have a beautiful piano, which you would hate to leave behind as you move to a new house, you probably plan to move with it.

The reality, however, is a little bleaker. While you can try to move it yourself, you run the risk of damaging the piano or someone getting injured in the process of moving it. To get the piano moved the right way and to ensure it arrives in one piece, you should consider hiring professional piano movers to do the job. Here are three reasons why.


Safety first: so goes the maxim. When it comes to moving pianos, this cannot be truer. Pianos are massive, heavy, and awkwardly built devices. This makes them tricky to move. If you attempt to move the piano yourself, you could destroy your piano in the process. Trying to move it could also result in damage to the surrounding areas like walls, windows, or other structures. Moving a piano could also result in someone getting hurt or even killed if the hundreds of pounds worth of piano fall on them. Lastly, you could get sued. If one of the volunteers you invited to help you gets injured, they may decide to sue you to cover their medical bills.


Piano moving companies are experts at what they do. Because they have experience transporting pianos, they know all the dangers and challenges that go with the activity. For starters, a piano moving company will never attempt to carry the piano out of the door. Instead, they will use a pallet jack or a similar device. Besides, they will make sure to cover the piano’s sides with a non-slip moving cloth. This, when combined with proper tie backs, will keep the piano immobilized until it reaches the truck. Finally, most piano moving companies have a truck lift at the end, capable of lifting an 800-pound piano off the street with ease.


Here is a worst-case scenario: you decide to move your piano yourself, and it gets ruined in the process. What do you do? The real question is, really, what CAN you do? Nothing. If you use a piano moving company, on the other hand, and this same scenario unfolds, you know the moving company has insurance to cover the damage. This does not mean only damage from being mishandled. Damage from moisture, ants (if the move is long), and other forms of damage are also covered. Insurance should be a strong incentive for you to go with a piano moving company instead of trying to move your piano yourself. A piano is a beautiful addition to any home. If you feel you would like to save some money by moving the piano yourself, don’t. Even if you are moving the piano from one room to another, you are better off working with pros and getting it done the right way than trying it yourself and dealing with the consequences thereafter.