Your hen do is one of the most exciting nights of your life. It’s an anticipatory time where you can let your hair down, ignore your worries, and celebrate your upcoming marriage.

If you’re planning your hen do, you might be wondering what to do for it. You want the day to be fun, unique, and full of celebrations so it’s one that you will never forget.

As easy as planning a party might sound, it takes a lot of planning. You’ll need to invest some time and energy into thinking of the best hen’s party ideas to determine what you and your friends will enjoy the most.

The most common thing to do on a hen’s night is head out for a day and night of drinking. While this is ideal for some, it’s not the only option. Some brides-to-be prefer a quieter day with their close friends and family.

Ultimately, your hen party should be spent celebrating the marriage proposal with your loved ones and spending the day doing the things that bring you joy. If you’re not sure how to spend your hen’s night, here are three great ways to make your celebratory day extra special. 

1. Incorporate Memorabilia

To make your hen do extra special, you can try incorporating some of your favorite photos and ornaments into the day. As embarrassing as it might sound, using memorabilia adds a personal touch.

If you’re spending the day at your home, hang up your family photos. If you’ve decided to host an event at a local bar, use string and pegs along the wall to hang up your photos.

Your guests can browse through your past memories and re-live the experience with you. It’s a lovely personal touch that reminds you of all of the incredible people around you.

If you don’t want to hang up your personal photos, you can keep a memory book out on the side for your guests to browse throughout the day.

2. Personalize the Decor

Another great way to make your hen do extra special is to personalize your decor. Purchase custom banners with your name printed onto the material or get personalized napkins to place on the table with each guest’s name.

You can get personalized decor and tableware from many online stores and it’s usually affordable if you buy in bulk. Your guests will love that you’ve gone the extra mile to include their names in your décor.

If you plan on having a buffet at your hen do, consider icing the names of your guests onto each one or get a personalized cake made with icing in your favorite colors.

3. Create a Theme

If you really want to make your hen’s night extra special, think of a theme for the day. You could ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie character or you can find matching outfits to wear for the day.

There are so many different themes that you can think of but if you’re stuck, brainstorm with friends to share ideas.