Just the thought of tidying up your house can be exhausting. It is nearly impossible to do chores by hand, so there are home appliances to assist you. These things became a staple in every household since inventor Earl Richardson introduced the electric iron in the early 20th century. Shortly after, appliance stores were flooded with customers.  

Ranging from washing machines to coffee makers, there is no argument against the marvel of home appliances. However, although these tools make our life easier, they could also be faulty sometimes. All you need to do is learn these care tips for your appliances, and they shall be good as new!

Keep these Appliance Breakdown Prevention Measures

When our appliances break down, they delay your other projects for the day (plus the frustration factor). Repair experts at victoriaappliance.ca say that if you want to extend your appliance’s functionality, then the best way is to inform yourself about how each appliance should be maintained. Hence, take care of your appliances with these 4 care tips:

1. Refrigerator

Refrigerators are the hallmark of our kitchens. We know that because they work 24/7 to secure our food from spoilage.

Be sure to see if cool air from the fridge comes out. Do the dollar-bill test: if it slips easily, then you might want to hire a repairer. Seals that do not go all the way can waste energy; hence more electric power is required. Also, clean the coils. They accumulate dust, and as a result, they cannot run effectively.

2. Microwave

A basic care tip for you is to clean your microwave regularly. Most people do not realize that food spatters can damage the equipment’s function. Make sure to wipe it with soap and water or some specialized microwave disinfectants.

You should not use cleaners with aluminum foils and metals. Go for plastic, glass, or ceramic. They are safe and will surely not disturb you when you pop a midnight snack into the microwave.

3. Stove Oven

According to NFPA, 470 home-cooking fires are reported every day. No one wants the flames. So, the first tip for caring for your stove oven is to get rid of grease off the equipment. Not only do they make your equipment dirty, but they are also a hazard.

4. Washing Machine

Suppose you already know the basics like “do not overload or place it over a flat surface,” but there are other tips you should know. First off, clean your washing machine so you won’t deal with fungi. Even if a washing machine cleans your dirty laundry, washers don’t clean themselves. Also, keep your washer dry after use so it will not collect molds.

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When do you hire a professional repair person?

Maybe you have surfed the internet and still cannot fix your problem. Having a repair person will help you with the diagnosis of your broken appliance. Instead of replacing your appliance right away, try getting in touch with a professional repair person. You can go smoothly on your chores, and you get to save money.

Perhaps you have just received a washer-dryer as a wedding gift or living alone in a new apartment with your newly bought appliances. Of course, you want to maximize the longevity of your devices. To do that, make sure to keep these maintenance and care tips in mind.