In this article, we will discuss a supplement called Ketocanaaimed at people who are following the Ketogenic diet, often referred to simply as Keto. We have spoken to people who have tried it, tested it, and lived with it for a long time to bring you a comprehensive review and understanding of Ketocana.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis, brought on by following a ketogenic diet, is a state where your body produces more ketones. This happens when you eat an extremely low-carb diet and replace the carbs with foods rich in healthy fats. Ketones are produced by the liver, causing the body to target fat stores as energy instead of relying on carbs. This means that your body will start to break down any excess fat stores you may be holding, leading to weight loss and a range of other benefits.

What is Ketocana?

Ketocana is a supplement in the form of a dissolvable powder. It contains exogenous ketones. People use exogenous ketones like ketocana to help them transition into a ketogenic diet and keep their bodies topped up with ketones when trying to sustain a state of ketosis. It is made like a flavored powder mixed with water and drank, much like a protein shake or vitamin supplement. It comes in a handful of fruity flavors for you to try.

Ketocana Ingredients

Ketocana contains, as mentioned, exogenous ketones. It also contains calcium and sodium. These salts are included in the mixture as they help you stay hydrated whilst maintaining ketosis. They do this by increasing the level of electrolytes in your bloodstream, essential for hydration. The other active ingredient is BHB. BHB helps to boost and even form mitochondria in your brain. Mitochondria are known as the brain’s power cells. Without it, we lack energy, focus, and our moods can swing wildly. This combination of ingredients helps you feel more energized whilst entering a sustained period of ketosis.

How Does It Help?

If you’re following a ketogenic diet anyway, why add supplemental ketones? Many people say that taking exogenous ketones helps get the body into ketosis much quicker and get you back into ketosis quickly after eating carbs. If being in ketosis is the goal, these supplements seem to help achieve that quickly and efficiently. There are other reported benefits too. Some people claim that taking these exogenous ketones helps suppress appetite – another benefit if you’re trying to lose weight and especially useful to avoid snacking on carbs between meals. Finally, many people say that they have much more energy when they take ketone supplements. This makes sense due to the BHB content, so it could well be an accurate benefit.

Ketocana diet

How And When To Take It

With Ketocana specifically, the recommended dose is on the packaging. They recommend one scoop (provided) mixed in water. You can either stir or shake it – we find shaking removes the grainy texture that can occur when simply stirring. There are some especially recommended times to take Ketocana. First thing in the morning is a common choice for Ketocana users to stave off morning hunger and give you a mental boost. Between meals is another regularly chosen supplement timing. If you accidentally slip up and consume more than the proper amount of carbs to remain in ketosis, a supplement like this can help push your body back into the ketosis state quickly, helping your body back onto the right track. The maximum dose is three scoops per day, so when you choose to use them is up to you.

What Does It Taste Like?

As we mentioned, currently, Ketocana comes in just a few flavors. These are Sweet Orange, Strawberry Lemonade, and Vanilla Cream. Remember, this makes quite a thin liquid, so consider that when deciding which flavor to choose. Personally, we’d go for one of the fruity flavors as opposed to a creamy flavored supplement.

Should I Try It?

It’s worth noting that while the reported benefits seem good, and many do report their success, there can be side effects. Putting your body into ketosis quickly can cause “keto flu” – a type of gastric upset. You won’t know whether this happens to you without trying, though, so it’s really your choice! If you’re really keen on trying a proper ketogenic diet, a supplement like Ketocana could be worth trying.

There you have it, everything we know about Ketocana. If you feel like it is something you’d like to try, give it a go. Remember to consult your physician or any doctor before embarking on a ketogenic diet to ensure you are suitable.