An average American spends more than 21 hours indoors; this is striking when outdoors has many physical and mental benefits. A great way to increase your time outside is by decorating outdoor spaces to match your preferences. This way, you will be more willing to venture out of your home. If you’ve been wanting to add some timeless patio decor to your space, read on as we explore some ideas below.  

1. Seating

When it comes to outdoor decoration, your seating choices are near-infinite. If you have a large family or like to entertain guests, you might want to invest in an outdoor dining table where you can enjoy brunches, dinners, and evening suppers. Perhaps, you may settle on a pair of chairs where you can enjoy a hot drink on a chilly night or a cold beverage on a hot day. No matter what seating you may decide on, be assured that you will easily be able to find it in the style or color of your choice, from antique to modern.

2. Shady Area

If your location receives loads of sunlight, do not escape from it. But instead, consider building a little shady area to filter all the harsh UV rays. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful summers from the comfort of your cozy shade. 

Make use of natural shade. Big leafy trees can provide a comfortable shelter on hot days. Why not hang a hammock to enjoy the light breeze while reading or sipping on an iced drink. If you find your outdoor area not spacious enough to accommodate a large sitting area and would prefer a smaller one instead, an overhead umbrella is a suitable space-saving alternative. You can consider adding a cooking area to compliment your seating. Built-in barbeque grills and outdoor bars will add to your dining experience and leisure time. 

3. Fireplace

Nothing elevates your outdoor space like a fireplace. A traditional fireplace is an optimal heat source if you live in chilly areas with abundant wood. However, traditional fireplaces require more effort to maintain and can sometimes be considered a safety hazard. 

If you enjoy late nights outside with friends and family, why not build a fire pit to gather around. It is a great way to make memories as you share laughs and stories over s’mores. If you find keeping fireplaces and firepits unsuitable for various reasons, you can always invest in electric fire heaters to achieve the same decor. They can be easily accommodated and are safer. 

4. Lighting

Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and colors. You can hang lanterns, build lamp posts around the garden’s exterior, or even invest in low-voltage deck lighting. Patio lights make the outdoor area more accessible in the evenings: you can easily move about your place without worry of harm. Illumination will keep stray animals away from your property as well. When installing lights, try to take note of the color of light you choose. Warm tones help you feel at ease and more relaxed, whereas cold tones can be helpful in workspaces. 


Whether your site is small or big, you should use your area to your advantage. You can completely transform the setting by adding a few chairs and lights, which will make the space more amiable. By spending time outdoors, you’ll interact more with nature and connect with yourself better. Not to mention all the physical advantages your body will reap. You should invest in turning your outdoor space into one you’ll like spending time in.