We all enjoy spending free time with family and friends. Such gatherings are special if they are accompanied by a fine crackling fire and the smell of barbecue. Investing in a backyard and its design is worth every effort. Its special decoration is a place for barbecue and therefore deserves our attention. The beautifully decorated space for the barbecue, in addition to being eye-catching, is also functional and adds a lot of value to the whole house. Make a unique makeover of your BBQ area by taking inspiration from some of our design ideas and making your backyard a favorite place for you and your guests.

Stone Queen 

When it comes to the BBQ area, the stone is the one giving it special warmth. This old rustic style never goes out of fashion. It gives your backyard a medieval touch and coziness. You can combine it with wood or concrete, but saying yes to all stone grilling is never a failure. Adding a fireplace creates more charm to this design, especially when accompanied by seating places so that everyone can relax and enjoy during grilling moments.  

Invest In Grill’s Quality 

The type of grill you use contributes both to the quality of barbecuing as well as to your design. The functionality of the grill you choose makes your backyard makeover a more successful job. The present times appreciate high-end grills a lot because of their power, control, and consistency. At the end of the day, besides enjoying the miraculous atmosphere and design around us, we equally want the barbecue to be perfect. That’s why investing in their functionality is the key to joyful moments spent in barbeque areas. Get to know about the types, advantages, power, and longevity of a grill before you choose one to fill your barbeque corner. 

Covered Barbecue 

This is a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor, or even a lovely extension of your indoor place. Say yes to a barbecue area covered with a roof, since then you could have both an umbrella and a shade, so that weather does not stop you from enjoying it. This creates a feeling of having an amazing indoor kitchen. This kitchen-like barbecue area provides a homely atmosphere to your backyard and is inviting and appealing.  To extend its magic, you can have a dining table adjoined to the barbecue station, to make outdoor versions of your kitchen and dining room, and have your family and friends gathered on the table enjoying the grill.

If you prefer to have a separate cook corner, make one area for cooking and the other one for those waiting for their delicious food. You can also combine cooking and serving by building a two-level grill. For protecting and covering the girl, you can also use a niche enclosure. 

The Beauty Of Pergola  

There is something special about barbecuing under a pergola. It creates a unique defined style. Depending on your backyard size, you pick the size of the pergola. It is a special ornament added to the barbecue area and gives a special look to your backyard. They are associated with kitchen-like barbecues due to their protective purpose. These decorative pillars are a great shelter to you and your grill, so why not taste their beauty.

BBQ Dressed in Simplicity 

If you are a lover of simplicity and modern sophisticated look, say yes to all-white barbeque areas. It is a good choice of color, since white speaks of freedom and peace, creating a wonderful contrast to the grill’s excitement. Depending on your taste, you can also choose some other neutral color matching into modernity.  

Another way of achieving this beloved simplicity is by combining wood and concrete. The wood creates a warm feeling to the barbeque space while concrete gives your whole area a professional and modern look. You can have a seating area and table of wood and the grilling space of concrete.  

Backyard BBQ design

Install a TV 

You can turn your barbecue area into a fantastic entertainment center. Adding a TV to your BBQ area allows you to enjoy movie nights, watch matches, or even create beautiful surprises for your loved ones. This will also make your BBQ area a perfect place for parties since you can enjoy background visual and sound effects while enjoying your favorite grilling meat. 

Add Illumination  

To be able to enjoy both days and nights barbequing, install some lighting in your area. This illumination will give your barbecue a magical look during the nights, and during the daytime, they will serve as perfect decorations. You can use lanterns, hanging lights, or whichever type of lighting you choose, that fits into the style and design of your backyard.  

Seating Place and Cabinet

Make grilling a dinner activity that you can do with your friends and family. You won’t even have to get up from your seat since all you have to do is reach into the center. The barbecue will be set up here, with a table built around it. This is an excellent suggestion! You may talk about anything as you wait for your supper to prepare. You might want to look for a grill with a unique shape, such as an octagon or oval. If this is the case, build an octagon- or oval-shaped table around the grill machine, with chairs surrounding it! If you plan on cooking a lot in your backyard on your grill, make sure you have a little cabinet next to it. All of your grilling equipment and food utensils will be stored in a small closet that can be attached to your garden fence or wall.

Barbecue areas are amazing gathering places and the most beloved parts of the backyard. Their design defines the atmosphere of our outdoor space so it is worth directing our attention and devotion to it. These ideas will be an excellent method to amuse your guests as well as spend magical afternoons with your family. With the hope that you will find yourself in one of our ideas, we wish you lovely grilling moments!