Deciding to build your dream home is one of the most lucrative investments you can make for yourself and your family. New builds can increase your property value and make your house more modern and appealing. 

Your home is essentially meant to be your unique living space modified to your comfort, identity, and lifestyle. However, with so many ideas to choose from, the process of how your new home should be built can be intimidating. This is where house plans and ideas can be of great benefit. 

These construction blueprints can help focus your ideas, allow them to take shape, and make you certain of what you want. In this way, you can guarantee that the end result is exactly what you wanted. 

Here are three ideas to consider building for your dream home: 

  • Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style home has always been a popular choice for large families who live on plots of land or bigger yard space. It’s the quintessential country living home built with classic minimalist designs and muted interiors that prioritizes spending time with your loved ones.

They’re usually styled with wooden furnishings and use the kitchen as the centerpiece of the house to build around. The outdoor areas of modern farmhouses use the space outside to build a porch with comfortable couches or a verandah to accommodate outside gatherings and communal activities. 

Each farmhouse is built unique for the needs of the family and to make ample use of the space it’s located in. The ideal approach to this is to browse for boutique home plans to gain inspiration on the type of farmhouse plan to inform your taste. These can be ideas on how to build an open plan kitchen to function for cooking and social dining or cozy textures to feature in the house such as steel, stone, and brick. 

  • Rugged and Rustic

This type of house plan would be ideal for families who live in rugged rural terrains and along the slopes of mountains and hills. A rugged and rusty-style house plan lays out a foundation on how to integrate your landscape and make it part of your home. This can take the form of wood cabin homes and ranches made from pine and cedar or spruce trees from the local forest. 

House Plans

The aesthetic of rustic homes using raw and unprocessed materials such as stone, wood, burlap, and brick give them their edge. Think about materials sourced from nature, handmade, and kept in their original colors. Due to this, the color palette of a rugged home may be neutral and muted but by no means dull. 

If you’re interested in the rugged and rustic style, look for ranch house plans with detailed window ideas. In this way, the natural colors of the environment outside can enhance the earthy tones of burgundy, copper, chocolate, and deep grey furnishings you can expect in your décor.   

  • Garage Apartment 

A garage apartment-style house may seem unconventional or impractical, but they are the best type of house to utilize space. As the name suggests, a garage apartment is a home where the garage is built into, under, or separate from the main house. They give you extra space to store your belongings or they can be converted into an activities room or spare dwelling unit. 

Garage apartment house plans vary in design and can be adapted to suit your preference and function. Some of the latest trends have plans for a two-story house with the garage front-facing and built below the main home. This can be used to elevate a house placed in sloped land or to give easier access to cars pulling into the driveway to park.  

It’s a good investment to consider a garage apartment house plan if you anticipate having long-term guests. It will come in handy if any relatives need housing or your adult children would like a private room of their own. This way, you won’t have to improvise and makeshift a place to stay for people who come to live with you. 


House plans come in various styles and architectural ideas. To build your dream home, it’s wise to view as many plans as you can to draw inspiration from and ensure you’re getting what you want. Also, think about your lifestyle and the location of where you live to inform your decision. 

If you enjoy the company of family and country-style living then the farmhouse plans can work in your favor. Rustic house plans are ideal if you live in a mountainous area with forests and want to be a part of the rugged nature. A garage-style house plan will serve you and your semi-permanent guests in the long run if you need an extra room for them to occupy. Whichever house plan you opt for, make sure it matches the idea for your dream home.