Riding a bicycle has become very popular in the last couple of years in different parts of the world, especially in the sunny city of Los Angeles. That’s what a lot of people who live there use to get around.

Fortunately, the state of California has various laws that were created to keep everybody safe, especially cyclists. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pedestrian, you’re driving a car, bicycle, or any other vehicle, it’s of huge importance to stick to these rules and understand them.

If you carefully read them, you will be able to implement them the right way and at the same time decrease any risks of having an accident. If you’re not familiar with them, then you should check out the list of rules and laws that we’re about to mention below.

Employ Bicycle Lanes Whenever You Can

The city of Los Angeles has recently decided to focus on building high-quality bicycle infrastructure. Fortunately, a majority of roads come with dedicated and lined bicycle lanes, hence, if you are riding this vehicle on a street that contains a bike lane, make sure to utilize it.

Furthermore, you can always exit the lane and drive along with other vehicles if you find it more convenient. This will help you if you wish to prevent any incidents, make a left-hand turn or simply pass bicyclists who are too slow.

Ride-On The Right Side Of The Road

If by any chance you are relatively slower than others, you should focus on riding on the right side of the road and you should be close to the right edge of the road as much as you can. Namely, there are a couple of situations in which you can also ride in the traffic lane. These normally involve:

  1. When you are as fast as any other vehicle
  2. If you wish to pass other bicyclists 
  3. When you are forced to make a left turn
  4. When it’s essential to avoid any situation that could potentially jeopardize the safety of other drivers and pedestrians

Start Small

Shorter routes may not be too tempting to more experienced riders, however, if you’re just getting started, then it would be recommendable to opt for them at the beginning. They can be found in quieter areas of this city.

They are generally very safe and can be a great option if you are going to the grocery store that’s relatively close to your home or you are meeting up with your friends at the nearest coffee shop. By choosing this, you are going to feel much more safe and convenient.

Bear in mind that Los Angeles is a dynamic place where unfortunately a lot of road accidents happen. If by any chance something like this happens to you, make sure to contact a bicycle accident lawyer who will help you cope with everything. Still, bear in mind that you can prevent this just by selecting the routes that you’re already familiar with that aren’t too challenging.

Don’t Forget The Lights And Reflectors!

This is especially important at night. During the day, you are able to notice every potential obstacle on the road, which is not the case during the night where everything is much less visible.

That’s why you should acquire white light that can easily be spotted. Besides that, your bicycle must also contain:

  • A flashing red light that is equipped with a built-in reflector on the rear that can be seen from a long distance, or at least a red reflector
  • A yellow or white reflector on every shoe, pedal, or ankle that can be spotted from the rear and front of the bike from a distance of two hundred feet
  • A yellow or white reflector on both sides forward of the center of the bike, along with a red or white reflector on both sides to the rear of the center of the vehicle

If You’re A Minor, Then Helmet Is A Must!

If you’re under eighteen, then you are obligated to wear a helmet if you’re riding a bike in Los Angeles. Many studies have shown multiple times that precisely this item can drastically decrease the risk of suffering a fatal injury in case you’ve been in an accident.

Even though adults are not forced to wear a helmet, utilizing it would definitely be a good decision.

bicycling in LA

It’s always smart to gather all the important information when it comes to road rules and laws because only then you’ll be able to protect yourself from any potential incident. That’s why you should follow all the rules that were written here to avoid any road issues while cycling.