Entering your home and feeling like it doesn’t reflect who you are can be a frustrating thing. However, the only thought of starting a home renovation can be even more annoying. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re unhappy with the current state of your living space, some simple things can make it brighter and livelier. What’s also important, these new additions will not represent a significant hit on your budget.     

So, if you feel like it’s time to refresh your home and make it lively and homey, these are some ideas that can make that happen. 

Bring the Ocean In

One of the ways to make your home environment more exciting and exotic is by adding an aquarium. These indoor water tanks will allow you to capture the colorful and relaxing beauty of the ocean reefs and make it part of your everyday life. They represent an amazing decorative piece and will catch the attention of both kids and grown-ups who enter your home.    

You will have to choose whether to fill your tank with saltwater or freshwater fishes. Aquarium fish information, all you need to know about creating a perfect environment for fishes and water plants, can be found on the web. There are multiple forum discussions regarding this subject where you will be able to ask important questions to people who already have a great experience and knowledge regarding this topic.

Taking this step requires a certain amount of knowledge. So, make sure you understand that incorporating something like this into your home comes with certain obligations. After all, you want to make sure fish and plants are well taken care of.

Make Room for Plants

Plants will always add a spark to your home. Not only will they refresh the environment, make it more alive, but they will also serve as filters, providing you with a cleaner and healthier air. You can choose a corner in one of the rooms in your house or apartment and dedicate it to different types of plants. Or, if you have more space available, you can even make your indoor garden.

Air plants are particularly decorative and are easy to take care of. Unique due to their small size and lack of visible roots, they will undoubtedly stand out in any type of home, big or small. They are a good choice for those who are introducing vegetation to their house for the first time since they are not as dependent on water and don’t require soil to grow. Popular sorts such as The Head of Medusa, Spanish moss, Pink Quill Plant, and Cotton Candy will definitely add a special vibe to your living space.

Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. They can often be somewhat neglected as we generally focus more on kitchens and family spaces in our home. However, adding even some minor details can make a bathroom more visually appealing and the atmosphere more relaxing.  

Enrich this space by adding new towels, scented candles, and lotions. Remove all the things you don’t need. Certain plants will love this humid environment, so you can even include them to spurs up this area. If you have a big empty wall, you can make it interesting by hanging some unusual photos.

Bathrooms need good lighting, especially if they don’t have a window. Add some light fixtures like wall lamps, and the room will brighten up immediately. If you are in the mood and have time for more serious work, you can replace faucets, install a new showerhead, or retile floor and walls.

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Fill Up the Walls in the Living Room

Bear walls painted in white are the worst option for this part of the house. The living room should be synonymous with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. One of the best ways to make it feel that way is to decorate walls with framed old family photos. You can also frame posters of your favorite movies or bands and artists you loved growing up.

Be creative! Enrich the living room with details that matter to you and create a gallery wall. Postcards from your friends, your children’s drawings, and vacation photos with your parents when you were a kid, among other things, are going to make this area feel homier and warmer.           

Small and simple things like creating a gallery wall or adding plants to your living space can go a long way in making a warmer home atmosphere. What’s also important, you won’t have to spend lots of money to achieve this.