We hire someone or a cleaning company to clean our home; we should have a clear idea of what we want from such a service. This will help avoid disappointment with the service. It will also guide us in getting the best from the cleaning company.

Here are 10 top tips you can use to get the best from your house cleaning service.

1. Know what you want

Like with everything else you set out to do, there is the best approach. Set out clearly in your mind what is the result you want. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve?

You may want to decide if you want a one-time service or you want the service repeated. You must also decide what it is you want to be done. Is it general cleaning, or you want some specified area or areas cleaned, and what must be cleaned in those areas? The list could be long. But you know your space and are affected by its condition.

So, make a list, at least mentally, of the areas to be cleaned and the things there you want to be cleaned. It will also be a good idea to consider what the cleaner will need to use in the process. What equipment, tools, chemicals will have to be used? And what are the risks and regulations involved?

2. Consider who provides cleaning products

Ask the house cleaning service if they will bring their cleaning supplies. Some companies will bring their cleaning supplies. Some will use the supply you give them. If they use your supplies, you need to make sure they have access to your stocks.

Ask if the company is a green company. If you engage a green cleaning company, you need to ask what products they use. If you do not know the products, find out about those products so that you are familiar with what is being used in your home.

You may contact a company that uses products you do not use in your home. You may need to convince them to use your cleaning products. You may also choose to find a company that will use products that you approve of.

3. Consider the cost

It is important that you determine the cost of the service you want. The cost of your cleaning will vary depending on the service you want. It will also depend on the size of your home or the part you want to be cleaned. It will also depend on whether you want a one-time clean or repeated cleaning. Find out if the company charges hourly or as a project. You should be able to get a free in-home estimate. You should get a few estimates, at least three, so you get a competitive price.

Make sure the price is clearly stated. If you are dealing with an agency, make sure there will be no surprise cost. If the cleaner is an individual, be certain they pay their own tax and social security. Be clear about the terms of service that your relationship with the cleaner is as a contractor and not an employer of them. The liabilities would be different.

4. Look at more than one cleaning service

You need to get the best cleaning company to do your cleaning. You need to look at more than one cleaning service. Get information from friends and family. You can start with the people you know. They will share their knowledge and experience of a cleaning service. You can also check what customers say about their service on the internet.

When you interview individuals, you need to be comfortable with their presence. In dealing with a company, ask if the person will work for you over time or there will be a rotation of employees. Both types of employees have advantages and disadvantages. You will need to consider them carefully.

5. Ensure the cleaning company meets legal requirements

You need to ensure that the people you give access to your space are trustworthy. There are risks to which you will be exposed. So, you need to make sure that you engage licensed and insured cleaners. You need to protect yourself against damage and breakage. There could also be an injury in your home. You should be clear about who will bear responsibility in such an eventuality.

6. Give the cleaner all needed information

You need to make sure that there is no difficulty in the way of your cleaning company getting the work done. So give the agency or individual any information that may be necessary. Are there pets around which may cause any allergy or for which there may be a phobia?

There may also need for the cleaner to make allowance for a dog shedding hair. There may be a need to change the cat’s litter box or attend to a birdcage. More costs may be involved in these. Make your expectations clear by saying what you need to be done. You want a bookshelf dusted each time or clutter cleared from an area.

7. Know how many people are coming to do the cleaning

It is important that you know how many people will be coming to your home. Discuss this with the house cleaning service. Find out how much time will be needed to clean your house. You may have to choose if you want one person cleaning your home for the whole day. Or you want more people there for a shorter time.

8. Know if you need to be there while the cleaning is being done

You will need to find out from the cleaning service provider if you must be at home. Most companies will let you know the time they will come. If you must be there, you will have to cater to their arrival time and the duration of the process. So, you will have to plan your time.

But if you are willing to trust them with your key or security code, then you will not have to be there. You may also be able to give them access to your home remotely.

9. Put away clutter

It would be good for you if you clear away clutter from your home. The clearer your home is of clutter will help the service to be completed in a shorter time. Some companies will not clear clutter, so it is important you clear it.

You need to put away jewelry, valuables, money, and medications. You have done background checks, and cleaners may generally leave your stuff alone. But better avoid temptation. Also, avoid misplacement or damage.

10. Avoid cleaning before the cleaning service comes

There is also no need for you to clean before the cleaning crew arrives. We usually do not want to be messy or dirty. But that is why you are calling in the cleaner. And in their job, they would have seen worse than yours.