BMWs are arguably the most popular brands on the market when it comes to luxury. These cars are built with racing in mind and come equipped with all sorts of appearance and performance upgrades to suit your needs. Some of these improvements are quite easy to do yourself, but others require more expertise or professional services to complete. Here are some of the best modifications for BMW every driver should consider.

1. Door projector lights

Adding door projector lights is one of the best ways to upgrade your BMW. These lights can be installed under the door panels. Although your BMW already has these lights, they probably don’t project the car logo. The best way to change this is to replace the factory lights with LED projector lights.

Your BMW logo will be projected on the ground whenever you open the door. Installing a LED projector light is easy, and you don’t require to drill any holes since they are already there.

2. Carbon fiber trunk lip

Another simple DIY BMW upgrade is adding a carbon fiber trunk lip from Monaco Motorsports. These come in different shapes, and you can find a small lip that appears exactly like the stock BMW trunk or get a more significant trunk wing. Regardless of your choice, it allows you to change your BMW’s appearance without breaking your pocket.

The lip can be added to the truck and comes with tape for easy installation. You may also install a rooftop wing if that is your preferred style. However, if you want to make your BMW appear stock, get the unpainted version and paint it to match your vehicle’s color.

3. Wind deflectors

Most modern vehicles are optimized for their aerodynamic performance, but your BMW can benefit from slight aerodynamic modifications, such as adding wind deflectors, also known as rain guards. Fitting these components around the side windows is a cheap improvement that can reduce drag on your car.

Adding a wind deflector to the front corner minimizes wind noise and deflects air over the car instead of inside, where it causes drags. Even a slight gain in fuel efficiency can lead to considerable savings, so ensure that you find high-quality wind deflectors that fit securely.

4. Headlights upgrade 

If you still love driving your classic Bimmer, upgrading the headlights is a good idea. You will not only get better light output, but these lights can make your car stand out from the rest. Today, you can get custom headlights for any BMW model, even for the most popular models, such as 3-series and 5-series.

In addition, you can upgrade your old headlights by switching to LED lights. Adding LED lights to your BMW is an easy way to enhance the interior features of the cabin and give a cool vibe to the footwells. If you want to maintain your BMW’s factory appearance, choose a light in the 5000k temperature range.


Whether you want to improve your BMW’s performance or just make your car more comfortable to drive every day, there is always an upgrade option for you. These are just some of the best modification ideas to get you started. If you are unsure of a modification, contact your local garage to get advice on your query.