The internet is flooded with hundreds of skincare hacks that people claim work. But is it really true? Well, you never really know until you try them out. While there are some skincare hacks that skincare experts warn against, there are others that could truly work for you.

Below we have listed the top 5 trending skincare hacks that are worth trying out. These hacks have been proven to work wonders and they don’t involve applying any product to your skin.

1.  Focus on Your Night Skincare Routine

Why the night? Well, the skin products we use during the day are mostly for protecting the skin from UV rays, pollutants, and dirt, since we are only exposed to those during the day. At night, the skin gets the chance to regenerate itself, and that’s what you need to put your focus on.

Make sure to cleanse your face every night, and apply all the right night creams to help your skin regenerate while restoring it to the right skin PH balance. You’ll wake up the next day feeling and looking young.

2.  Make Sure Your Phone is Always Clean

Are you experiencing breakouts? Well, your phone could be the culprit. Your phone is one of the dirtiest items in your bag as it’s crawling with germs and bacteria that can lead to acne and other skin conditions.

Make sure to clean your phone regularly by dabbing a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and lightly going over the screen and case. Doing so will help keep your phone clean and protect your skin.

3.  Always Change Pillowcases

According to skin experts, pillows can be a breeding ground for dead skin cells, bacteria, fungi, and sweat. This means that your pillow could be the cause of your breakouts and some of the skin problems you face. Changing your pillowcase frequently could help prevent such issues and if you can change your pillowcase every 3 to 4 days you might notice those breakouts suddenly ceasing.

4.  Make Sure You Double Cleanse

There are several benefits of cleansing your skin regularly. For starters, it helps to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy, secondly, it ensures that anti-aging products and treatments can work effectively, and lastly, it encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oils.

It’s also important to note that if you completely stopped washing your face, well, your pores would become clogged resulting in the development of severe acne. Of course, your skin would also appear dirty, oily, and aged. So you certainly don’t want to stop cleaning your skin, and in fact, it’s advisable to cleanse it twice a day.

5.  Don’t Forget Your Neck

The neck is an extension of your face. Many people experience breakouts in the neck area because they usually forget it in their skincare routine. Lots of women experience wrinkling and hyperpigmentation in the neck area, and hardly realize it’s because they don’t pay much attention to it.

The neck should receive the same kind of treatment as your face. If you cleanse your face two times a day, don’t forget the neck. Apply the same skincare products you use for your face on your neck as well and you’ll soon notice the difference.