For a long time, men’s wedding rings weren’t the most interesting or eye-catching items of jewelry. Basic bands were the standard for decades, and yet recently there has been a movement to make them much more individual and appealing.

Whether you are a groom who’s in the process of organizing a wedding, or a married man who wants to upgrade their existing band, there are plenty of options out there, so here are just a handful of potentially compelling ideas that might click with your personal style preferences.

Wooden rings are wonderful

When we talk about wooden wedding rings, we’re not harking back to ancient bands whittled from foliage picked from the forest floor; the wooden rings available from places like are thoroughly modern and made with all sorts of material combinations.

There are two main options to consider when it comes to men’s wooden wedding rings; do you want the wood on the outside surface for all to see, or only as part of the interior of the ring to keep it to yourself?

Some people prefer a wooden ring interior with a metal exterior because this creates a warmer, more comfortable surface to rest directly against their skin. It’s also obviously a stylistic choice as well, so you can base your decision on which one connects most with you.

Deer antler rings are all the rage

Another natural, sustainable material that is making its way into men’s wedding rings right now is deer antler. Either used on its own or in combination with the aforementioned wooden inlays, antler is sure to draw attention.

As with the grain of wood, each antler ring is entirely unique in terms of the patterns in the material itself. So if you find the look of burnished metal a bit too uniform and dull, then an antler-enhanced wedding band could be the ideal upgrade.

It’s not just wood that can be paired with antler in this context, as other materials including turquoise are increasingly available right now. There has clearly been a bit of a revolution in this market, as the amount of choice is surprising.

Ceramic rings are a revelation

Ceramic rings are another breakthrough in men’s wedding band design which is only really gaining traction at the moment. That means if you want to get in early and stand out from the crowd for as long as possible, it’s a good time to act.

While you might think of ceramic objects as being fragile, rings made from this material are a lot stronger than typical dinnerware. Indeed this is space-aged ceramic, which is both hardwearing and feels good against your skin.

As you might expect by now, all sorts of designs and colors of ceramic wedding rings are available for modern men. Just remember that as with all of the rings mentioned, you’ll need to choose the right size, because making adjustments is not an option because of the way they are made.

Titanium rings are super-durable

Whether you want a wedding ring that will last for a lifetime and be passed down to the next generation, or you need one which is solid enough to withstand the rigors of your day-to-day lifestyle, a titanium band will be your best bet.

Whether plain, etched, hammered, or inlaid with another material, titanium rings can be as unique as you are.

Along with tungsten rings, they are proving to be a big hit among married men who are eager to get away from the more traditional designs without having to compromise on the meaningfulness of this accessory.