Do you know someone who just seems to have everything they could ever want? When Christmas or birthdays roll around, it can be so difficult to buy for these people. However, there are a few ideas that you could pull together for a gift that is still thoughtful and guaranteed to be loved.


If you consider yourself a dab hand in the kitchen, why not think about baking something for your loved ones? There are so many delicious traybakes that they will love and will travel well if you need to deliver them. Even if you are not that much of a pro at baking, there are plenty of recipes you could try that are simple to make and will deliver an amazing dish.

A Photobook

Do you have a lot of photos of the pair of you? Perhaps you have been on holiday together or have some other event that you want to celebrate. Create a unique and custom photo book with! It will be a gift that they never expect, and it will be something that they could treasure for a very long time. If you want a gift that you can really put your own stamp on, this will be the right choice for you!

A Subscription Box

Nowadays, you will be able to get a subscription box for anything that you can imagine. From books to cheese toasties to art supplies to skincare – if you can think of it, there is probably a subscription box that you will be able to get for them! It can be the perfect way to give them something tailored specifically to their interests, and you can select a length of time to send the boxes out over (such as six months).

An Experience

Of course, there is always a wide variety of experiences that you could treat your person to. They could be as simple as a night in a hotel or a day at the spa, or it could be something connected to one of their favorite things. Tastings or craft workshops are very popular at the moment, and it means that you will be able to gift an experience you know your loved one will enjoy every moment of.

A Challenge

Is your friend looking for some sort of direction in their life? They might like a challenge of some sort. You can buy plenty of trackers that they can use to work their way through the challenge. From scratch maps to lists of films that need to be watched, there are so many challenges that you could lay down that you know your loved one will take on with relish.

As can be seen, there is always something that you can give to someone – even if they appear to have everything! Focus on their interests and try to find something that you know appeals to their tastes precisely, and you can be sure that they will love it forever!