Landscaping a holiday home or vacation home can require a different approach than your typical home. You generally spend less time at the property, which can sometimes mean you have less time to focus on upkeep. 

Knowing that you don’t want to spend every vacation pulling weeds and mowing lawns, you may be interested to learn about the landscaping techniques you can use to keep property maintenance to a minimum. Take note of these options below: 

Invest in Hardscapes

Something as simple as hardscapes might be how you keep your maintenance requirements to a minimum, giving you more time to spend relaxing at your vacation home rather than performing arduous chores. 

Hardscapes are decorative and practical structures forming part of a landscape that feature hard landscape materials. Among the most popular hardscape materials are concrete, wood, brick, stone, and even loose gravel. The more hardscape materials you have, the less you have to worry about lawn mowing, gardening, hedge trimming, and more. 

Plant Ground Cover Plants

Not everyone likes the idea of having all hard materials and no natural plants. However, plants attract weeds, and weeding is a time-intensive task. You may be able to prevent weed growth by planting ground cover plants. 

Such plants grow in every nook and cranny, which leaves very little space for weeds to grow. You can also purchase many beautiful varieties like mayapple, bunchberry, juniper, and wild bleeding heart

Emphasize Entertainment

The goal of most vacation homeowners is to have somewhere to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. When building or buying a vacation home, plan the landscaping around your entertainment needs. 

Large concrete areas can be perfect for entertaining, alongside expansive wood decks. Pergolas for shade and fire pits for warmth and ambiance at night may also be additions you consider. Even outdoor cooking appliances and hot tubs have their place. These can all be easy and low-maintenance additions to any vacation home. 

Plant Grass

While having hardscapes can be one of the most convenient options for a vacation home, you can still enjoy nature by planting grass. You might opt for artificial grass that doesn’t require mowing, or you may decide to grow grass and have a lawn care company mow it on a regular schedule. Even a tiny patch of lawn can tie an entire landscape’s look together. 

Grow Succulents

If you’re adamant that you’d like to have as much plant life as possible at your vacation home, consider choosing some of the least labor-intensive options available. Succulents may tick that box. Succulents require minimal water and care, which means you can leave them for extended periods without needing to worry about their survival. 

Homeowners are also bound to appreciate just how many varieties are available to achieve a beautiful burst of color in their gardens. Aeonium is a flower-shaped red and green succulents that can grow in the harshest environments, while aloe is aesthetically pleasing and practical for health. You might also be drawn to varieties like haworthia, gasteria, and crassula. 

You may have to think more carefully about how you landscape a property you don’t visit very often, but you have so many options at your disposal. Now might be the right time to undertake a complete landscape overhaul.