Horse racing is a rich sport – a sport of the elite and is known across the world as the sport of Kings. So, it goes without saying that the beautiful animals that create such wonder should also get to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. As a horse racing bettor, you might look for the most generous and value horse racing odds – that you can find here, to get that big win… and buy your luxury pad. But what about the horse that gets you that win? How do they live? Do they enjoy the winning lifestyle as much? Well, the answer is simple – some do and some don’t.  Here, we look at those that do – and take a glance at the most luxurious horse racing stables in the world.

Rallywood Farm stables

Rallywood Farm

Rallywood Farm, which is located in The Plains, Virginia, was recently put up for sale for $4.5 million. The realtors selling the farm have described it as an ‘architectural masterpiece, located at the edge of Middleburg’. It is set across 54 acres and includes what can only be described as a ‘magnificent 12 stall stable’ that has every single amenity imaginable.

In fact, the farm’s stable is such an integral part of the residence that the horses even get to dine in style alongside their owner. Not a bad lifestyle for a horse – and certainly worth the asking price!

Simi Valley California stables

Simi Valley in California

This stable is part of $35.5 million in real estate. Named the ‘Hunter Jumper’ equestrian center it has built-in a style that resembles a Spanish Style residence and offers all of the amenities that a horse could ever want or need. As well as beautiful and luxurious stables based in Simi Valley, California, the equestrian home also has a Grand Prix arena, a Derby Grass arena, 60 stalls, and a rubber and sand mixed ring.

This is very much the perfect place for a horse lover to escape for a few days, trekking along with the flatlands in the valley and taking in the sights of the Santa Susana Mountains.

Waiki’i Ranch, Hawaii

Waiki’iRanch is a luxurious 53-acre equestrian estate located in Hawaii. It has been described as a ‘world-class architectural accomplishment and most luxurious and highly functioning equestrian estate in the state’. And that’s just for the horses! This really is the height of luxury – with even the saddlery enjoying air conditioning. It has a beautifully expensive carpet and is enjoyed equally by both horse and rider.

The Selman Hotel and Stables in Marrakech

The Selman Hotel and Stables in Marrakech

Based in Marrakech, Morocco, this is a new breed of hotel and stable that offers a luxury place to stay for people and their horses. The ones that stay here are usually Arabian thoroughbreds, that are used to the same kind of opulent lifestyle as their owners and riders. They can enjoy state-of-the-art technology, enjoy the freedom of open fields as well as five-star grooming, whilst their owners can enjoy a lazy day in the spa.

The property is set across six hectares of land – that is believed by many to be the height of tranquillity and natural beauty. You will find here dozens of purebred Arabians as well as horses for trekking, ponies, and six outdoor paddocks. For their people, there are bars, restaurants, and even a swimming pool.

Belle De Harlequin’s in Britain

Belle De Harlequin’s (also known as Betty Bumps) stable is a bespoke stable, with entertainment. Although it isn’t quite up there with the previous stables, it is certainly worthy of note. When Betty Bumps was forced to retire from showjumping through injury, her devoted owner chose to bestow upon her a luxurious stable proudly displaying all her trophies. It also had everything else she could need – a horse grooming station and even a 52-inch HD TV with Sky television so that she could watch show jumping. Needless to say, Betty Bumps is quite possibly the most pampered horse in the UK!