Buying a house is a hugely exciting milestone in your life. After years of saving and losing money on rent, you’ll finally own a property that you can call home. But it’s also a complex process that can cause a lot of stress. Read on to explore the first steps when you’re buying a house.


For a start, you should work out the budget you have for a new home. This will largely depend on the deposit you’re capable of paying when signing up for your mortgage. During this stage, it’s important to consider government programs that can help your budget. Schemes such as Help to buy can make your money stretch further.

Sorting a mortgage

The next step is to sort out a mortgage. The size of the mortgage you can take on will depend on your credit score, earnings, and savings. By calculating the type of mortgage you can afford, you’ll be able to search for your home with more clarity.

Buying Your Dream Home

Which area should you live in?

You’ll also need to consider the area you want to live in. There are plenty of trade-offs involved with this decision. If you want to live in an area with good schools and low levels of crime, then the properties in this area will likely cost more. On top of this, you should also consider factors such as air quality and how practical the location is for your work.

Making the right offer

Once you’ve found your dream property, you’ll need to make the right offer. This usually involves submitting your offer to the owners, before adding in any other conditions of your purchase. This process can take some weeks before an offer is accepted, and you might have to raise your offer to beat the competition.


If you’ve had an offer accepted, you can move into the final stages of your purchase. At this point, you should hire a conveyancing firm to help you finalize the transfer of the property. By working with a trusted conveyancing firm, you can have peace of mind that the complex legal process will go through smoothly.

Buying a house is a thrilling moment. And although the purchasing process can seem daunting, by following the advice above you should be all set for a smooth and successful buying process.