Whether you refer to them as pajamas, loungewear, jammies, or something else, they are a good thing to have, and we revel in the comfort they offer us when we cozy up at night for a good night’s sleep. 

Some people might have a plain nightie, others might have washable silk pajamas from Eberjey, but whatever you have you probably have a dedicated space in your closet just for these. 

Nothing is quite as nice as changing out of your day clothes and into your cozy nighttime clothes. 

However, not everyone owns nightwear, and why should they? 

Well, let’s answer this for you. 

Why Do We Even Wear Pajamas?

One of the purposes of pajamas started in cosmetic fashion, however, they do serve more than just a cosmetic purpose. Experts on sleep consider having good sleepwear as a healthy part of good sleep hygiene. 

They can assist you in cultivating healthy and restorative sleep and adapting to healthy habits. 

There was a study done by the CDC a while ago that showed that around 70 million Americans do not get a good enough sleep, however comfortable sleepwear can actually balance this out. 

Of course, a healthy diet, a calm environment, and an unobtrusive work-life balance can help you achieve a good night’s rest, good sleepwear is also ideal for assisting you to sleep better.

5 Reasons

So, with this in mind, what are the 5 reasons that should tempt you into buying some cozy nightwear to snuggle up in at night for a decent night’s sleep?

Note that this refers to proper good-quality nightwear and getting rid of your old gym top and shorts or that baggy shirt you wear instead. 

#1. Keeps You At A Decent Temperature

The first reason is temperature. Temperature actually has a significant impact on our ability to sleep well. Being too hot or too cold can easily keep you up at night, and if the weather is extreme then it can easily lower your immune system and make you seek. 

You might be surprised but overly loose or even tattered or old clothes are not going to be able to protect your body from temperature extremes as much as proper sleepwear can. 

So, getting some proper sleepwear that can keep you warm during hot or cold weather is ideal. 

You want a breathable fabric, though.

comfortable blue nightwear

#2. They Are Comfortable

Going to sleep in our day clothes is probably not ideal. You might have already experienced how difficult it is to rest well in your day clothes, they’re not comfortable, and your old loose clothes will be just as irritating.

Proper pajamas are made to be comfortable and light in your body, not restrictive, and ideal for sleep. So, this is why when you switch from your daywear to sleepwear you notice a stark difference in how you feel. They help you relax.

#3. Hygienic To Sleep In

Pajamas are also hygienic, they allow your sleeping environment to be hygienic, if you slept in your day clothes or your underwear then dead skin from your body and bacteria can build up in your bed. 

It isn’t dangerous but over time it could lead to a rash. The best thing to do is to get some proper sleepwear and also wash your bedding on a regular basis.

#4. They Get You Prepared For Bed

A good way to get ready for bed and give yourself a good sleep is to have a routine. Putting on your pajamas before bed is a great way to cue your body and mind that it is a time for rest now. 

Dim the lights in your room, put on some relaxing music, read and book and put your jammies on and your body and brain will know that the time for sleep is now. 

We are creatures of habit and this is part of that.

#5. They Can Lift Your Mood

Let’s not forget that pajamas are great to wear and make us feel good, they are not only physically comfortable, but they also provide us with an overall comfort when we sleep. They will often have colorful and fun designs that make us feel happy. 

If you go on vacation with others you can also get matching sleepwear and have dedicated holiday jammies as well. 

It can make you feel good to wear them, and with the added comfort factor it is hard to not like a great pair of pajamas.