These days, there’s a plethora of travel apps available for Android and iOS. It’s overwhelming to find one that’s good and suits your needs well. Besides, most of them can even fail to meet your expectations. 

It’s a cumbersome process separating the ones that are good enough to be installed from those that leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, you must take the pain of going through the process as you wouldn’t want to pay for a worthless app, would you? 

In case you are planning a trip, you would do well to pick from the apps listed below instead of wasting time and tearing your hair trying out different apps and being left disappointed by their performance. Read on as we share with you a few apps that are convenient tools for travelers. 


Available on both Android and iOS, Hostelworld does an excellent job of performing all the functions you would expect a regular travel app to perform—filtering, searching, and describing. A full-screen interactive map lets you know if the hostel you are looking to zero in on is close to the location you are planning to stay at. 

You can also check out the reviews, which is very important when gauging if the hostel is good with just a tap. 


Waiting at airports during a long layover is a real pain, isn’t it? Moreover, budget airlines might not be the thing you hope you brighten up your vacation.  

What comes as a breath of fresh air amidst the gloom are the airport lounges. However, if you aren’t flying business class or don’t have lounge membership, it’s a bother approaching lounge staff to know if you could somehow be accommodated. 

LoungeBuddy comes as a much-needed respite. The app lets you know the lounges that’ll allow you access at any airport after you have entered your credit card details, lounge memberships, and airline status. 

If you are flying without any of those facilities, the app will still tell you if there are any free lounges around or if there are any offering day passes. It has a stylish interface, it’s user-friendly, and it’s free! However, it’s available only for Apple users. 


You’ll just love HotelTonight! This handy app offers fantastic discounts on rooms that have been left unoccupied at the last minute. You’ll find it very easy to use and booking a room isn’t time-consuming. 

The app lets you search for accommodation by city or the attractions there. You may also search for it by using the map included in the app. HotelTonight also has reviews by other travelers and photos that you can check very quickly. What’s more, it also offers customer support 24×7. On the last note, this app is brilliant for planning that last-minute vacation


If you’re on the hunt for the best flight prices, Skyscanner is the app for you! More than 1,200 sources from which the app searches millions of flights. Once that’s done, it offers you the best available options, either the cheapest route or the one that’s the easiest to take. 

The app has a handy chart that lets you see the days or months when it’ll be the cheapest to fly. It’ll also send you notifications when there are any price changes. Skyscanner is available on both Android and iOS. 

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is handy if you’re traveling on a budget. It helps you keep tabs on your spending while on the road. It’s easy organizing your expenses with this user-friendly app. You can do so trip-wise or month-wise. 

You may also fix a daily budget, and adding expenses is very easy. After you’re handed the bill or receipt, you’ll have to use the Quick Add screen on your iPhone to include the latest expense. That’s it, simple! 

When traveling, you often use public Wi-Fi or the one at your hotel. These are happy hunting grounds for hackers and cybercriminals. We strongly recommend that you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your data and your privacy. 

A VPN connects you to the internet through a proxy server, ensuring your original IP address remains hidden. That way, you stay anonymous online, and no one can locate you when you are on the internet. 

Initiating a VPN download before the trip is also an excellent decision as it can help you during the planning stage. It helps make bookings from another country where attractive prices are being offered to local travelers. Moreover, the data traveling between your device and the net is encrypted so no one can snoop on it. 


Traveling involves a lot of planning which is very time-consuming. Useful apps can make the task much easier. From choosing a convenient location where you can book a hotel to planning your budget efficiently, travel apps are handy tools to have when you’re on the go. They also help you grab discounts and book better flights for the best price. Traveling is a breeze once you have downloaded travel apps that fit your needs.