Are you finding it difficult to quit smoking? Making the switch from smoking to vaping may help you bring your smoking journey to an end without feeling the craving for nicotine. However, making that move may not be as easy as you expect. 

Vaping offers a whole new experience, and one way you can enjoy a successful transition from smoking to vaping is to follow the right vaping steps as a beginner.

5 Easy Steps to Switch from Cigarettes to Vaping

Set Your Mind To It

Mental preparedness is the first step you have to take if you wish to successfully switch from smoking to vaping. You have to be mentally prepared because quitting an addiction like smoking is challenging.

Thankfully, vaping makes it easier for you to transit without feeling the withdrawal symptom effect. Vape juice or e-liquids also contain nicotine but are far safer than inhaling carbon monoxide through smoking. 

It takes determination to quit smoking, and you can achieve it by setting your mind to it. As you prepare to enter the vaping world, you have to be mentally prepared to bid farewell to the world of smoking.

vaping and cigarettes

Your new vaping journey is one your body may need to eliminate your smoking habit ultimately. Are you mentally ready to make the switch today? Great! Let’s check out the next step.

Select The Right Type of Vaping Device

Do you know that the type of vaping device or e-cigarette you use has a huge impact on your vaping experience? It is vital to select one that suits your vaping style or preference. There are a variety of vaping devices you can choose from. 

E-cigarettes have different designs, sizes, and shapes. You can find e-cigarettes in the form of pens, pipes, and some that look like your everyday item from an online vaping shop like

However, for one who is transitioning from smoking to vaping, it is advisable to select a vaping device that is simple and convenient to use. 

Most vaping beginners prefer starting with disposable vapes because of their basic features and ease of usage. You do not need to fumble with any settings or learn to operate the device because it’s very easy to use. 

As you progress, you may switch to more complex vape devices like refillable vapes and vapes with large tanks.

Know Your Nicotine Consumption Level

Aside from the simplicity of use, one other factor that may help you succeed in switching from smoking tobacco to vaping is to be aware of your nicotine strength

Knowing your nicotine Consumption Level as a Smoker will help you determine the content of nicotine your vape device should contain. Your average nicotine Consumption may be between three to five percent for recent smokers. 

You can opt for vapes that offer similar nicotine consumption levels. For heavy smokers that consume more than twenty cigarettes daily, it is advisable to start your vaping journey with a higher nicotine strength. 

Medium smokers who consume a minimum of ten cigarettes daily may opt for vapes juices with between ten to twenty milligrams of nicotine content.

Select Your Preferred E-liquid Flavor and Cannabis Content

One primary challenge most people who intend to quit smoking have is craving sweet flavor because of the sweet sugary taste of most cigarettes. That shouldn’t be an issue because vaping has put that into consideration already. 

There are a variety of flavored e-liquids you can purchase. E-liquids come in sweet, fruity, salty, chocolatey, skunk, and other flavors. You can find one similar to your usual cigarettes and relish its experience through a safer consumption means. 

You can also choose the cannabis content of the vape juice. Some vape juices are made using specific cannabis strains, which may be Indica, Sativa dominant, or made from a Hybrid hemp plant. 

Furthermore, the vape juice may contain varying concentrations of THC, which may offer higher psychoactive effects than one with little or no THC content. The type of terpenes and other additives may also determine the level of satisfaction you may derive from vaping.

Know The Right Way To Vape

As a vaping beginner, knowing the right way to vape is essential. Smoking tobacco and Vaping have sharp differences. While smoking involves burning tobacco and inhaling the aerosol or vapor. Most vapes become activated by simply taking in a puff through the mouthpiece. However, some more complex vapes come with buttons and settings to adjust the heat produced by the battery-powered atomizer.

One of the challenges you may face when switching from smoking to vaping is knowing how to control your vaping session. 

While smoking tobacco, you may be able to tell the end of a smoking session if the cigarette gets to the end after burning out. You may begin to taste the bitter end of the cigarette. However, you may have to learn when to end vaping. 

Vape devices like disposable vapes may be a great way for starters to control their vaping duration. Disposable vapes come with preload e-liquids that may mark the end of that session after vaporizing completely. 

Controlling your vaping may help prevent any form of nicotine addiction which is part of the reason you are making the switch from smoking to vaping in the first place.

What More? You can Join the Vaping Community.

It may be challenging to travel the journey alone from the tobacco-smoking world to the world of vaping. However, making the switch can be easier with the right people around you. The vaping community has people like you seeking to transit without relapsing. 

You may need the encouragement, advice, and counsel from experienced Vapers to lead you on when you feel like going back to smoking tobacco.

To Sum Up 

Have you finally decided to switch from smoking tobacco to vaping today? It is a step in the right direction because vaping is safer than smoking. However, you can make the transition more seamless by following the five tips we have provided. You can also join the Vaping community to usher you into the vaping world.