Choosing wood flooring products used to be simple. The only options were species (imagine oak vs. pine) and how the wood was sliced into boards. Nowadays, there are so many options that it’s tough to figure through them one by one.

Marble and ceramic tiles are losing popularity in favor of wooden floors. The kind and color of wooden flooring must be carefully chosen. While purchasing wooden flooring, there are a few factors to consider.

A wooden floor is a long-term investment. You’ll want to make certain you obtain the proper one for your residence. Here are the things to consider while purchasing wooden floors.

What kind of subfloor are you working with?

The sort of subfloor you have might sometimes dictate the type of wood flooring you require. Almost any kind of floor can be installed over most subfloors. If you wish to install the above joists, be cautious. The thickness of your flooring should be a minimum of 18mm

What is the level of activity in the area?

This is a particularly important aspect to consider. The amount of foot traffic expected in the space should be carefully considered. If it’s a high-traffic area, such as the main room or living room, we recommend hardy flooring like Oak or even Strand Woven Bamboo.

Wood Species Selection

Although many various types of wood are being used in flooring, some are tougher and thus more lasting than others. When it comes to choosing a wood floor, most people are concerned about daily wear and tear.

While Red and White Oak are by far the most popular household wood flooring, Hickory and Maple (which are stronger than oak) and Walnut (which is softer) are also popular. Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Koa, and Cumaru, among the most popular exotic woods, are some of the toughest.

Of course, the tougher the wood is, the better it is for wear and assembly in high-elevated parts of the house.

What color flooring do you want?

The color of your flooring is usually a matter of personal taste. However, you should be aware of your surroundings. Consider the color theme and current furnishings. A light-colored floor can help to lighten up a dimly lit or cramped space. Classic-style homes with lots of room and high ceilings look great with dark timber floors. A grey wooden floor, on the other hand, will bring a light and airy feel to practically any room.

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Flooring Accessories

To finalize the room’s finishing touches, many fresh wooden floors will require some flooring accessories.

  • Beading

Beadings are among the most important wood flooring accessories because they serve to conceal the space between the walls and the flooring, making it look clean and simple.

  • Quadrant

A wood quadrant is used throughout the margins of the flooring to fill in the gaps produced by floor extension around the room. Quadrants function well with all flooring widths and are typically utilized in situations where high skirting is not desired.

  • Edge Moulding

When flooring comes into contact with immovable things like a door case, edge molding allows them to expand and contract gradually. When it comes to covering the space between natural wood flooring and things like doors, walls, and windows, edge molding is among the greatest options.


Choosing the right wooden floor for your condo’s decor can be tricky. That’s because making a deliberate choice can cost you a great deal of money. Here’s a basic overview of wooden flooring, as well as some things to think about before purchasing it.