Bike riding sure looks like a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of physical coordination and muscle power. Therefore, riding a bike might look challenging to some people. Of course, riding it safely requires a lot of practice and preparation.

If you happen to be someone who is new to the world of bike riding, read the below-mentioned essential tips to get started on the right foot.

motorbike safety course

Enroll Yourself Into A Motorcycle Safety Course

Even if you have some experience riding bicycles, It’s always wise to start with a motorcycle safety course. These courses focus on teaching you the basics of bike riding, how to maintain safety at all times, how to avoid traffic fines and points on your license, and how to handle emergency situations.

Moreover, enrolling yourself in one such course can help you build confidence, and improve your experience of your first adventure. Once you are done with the course, you can easily apply for a bike license.

Get To Know Your Bike Better And Practice Controls Before Driving

Get familiar with your bike before riding it all by yourself. A bike’s clutch is nothing like a car’s clutch. It may take some time for you to master the art of changing the gears effortlessly.

Also, sit on the bike and get a feel of where the foot brake is. Not to forget, learn about every feature on the dashboard and control panels. Practice the controls if you don’t want any surprises down the road.

Know-How To Avoid Bike Tickets In NYC

Although there are plenty of ways to get a ticket for riding a bike in NYC, the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Everyone is aware that riding a bike on the sidewalk is a crime, but only a few people know that it’s illegal as well. According to the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, riders should only ride on the streets and marked bike lanes when needed.
  • Some motorcycle riders think that common traffic rules don’t apply to them. However, that’s incorrect. All bike riders must obey a traffic control device at all times. Failure to do so will add points to their license.

If you think you have received an unfair ticket, you can dispute it using online applications like WinIt. Finding lawyers through these apps will cost you less than the ticket.

Don’t Forget The Safety Gear

Never ride a bike without the necessary safety gear. Without the equipment, there’s a huge risk of you getting seriously injured. So, wear all the safety gear – from helmets to gloves and boots. Also, carry a medical kit with you at all times.

If you are riding on the streets with your gang, a day blazer will add to the charm and make your ride fancier. Too many riders, especially beginners, cheap out on the safety gear and equipment. However, that’s a really bad idea.

Cheap safety gear may look like the best choice at the moment, but it might not be as comfortable or provide ample protection. So, never risk safety and comfort for saving just a few bucks.

Start Riding On An Empty Road

 In the excitement of embarking on their first bike ride, a lot of riders end up being on busy roads or hilly terrains.  However, it’s always good to practice riding on an empty ground than anywhere else.

Choose a flat road, without any bumps or obstacles. This will not only boost your confidence but also help you master your skills carefully before riding on busy roads

Here you have them – 5 Tips for Newbie Bike Riders In The US. We hope these tips help you become more confident and comfortable riding a bike.