A spin mop has made the life of many people a lot easier. This innovative cleaning tool has cut down the time and effort while cleaning and mopping the floor. The mechanism is simple – you need to spin the mop inside the bucket or container. The spin mechanism drains off the excess water in the container. The mop becomes lighter and is easy to use. As a result, you can stand and mop your floor effortlessly and get the cleanest floors.

But do you know, like other cleaning tools and equipment, a spin mop, too, is prone to some problems? Everyday wear and tear also bring with it some easy solutions. All you need to do is to inspect the problem and work on the best-suited solution.

Here are some common spin mop problems and how to fix them:

Problem 1: The mop doesn’t spin:

Many users encounter this common problem with a spin mop. There may be two reasons that cause the issue. Firstly, the mop fails to spin when the wringer cap is jammed slightly. Secondly, when the drying tub is full of dust and debris, it stops the mop from spinning well.

In the first case, we advise you to grab the lower part of the tool and its wringer cap. Now, rotate the wringer cap in a clockwise direction. This process will free the mechanism, and you can use the mop effortlessly.

The solution to the second problem is easy as well. You can unlock the mechanism of the drying tub by using pliers and then clean all the dust and debris from it.

Problem 2: Detached basket:

A spin mop comes with a basket or container. If not clipped properly, it can be detached. Such an event may lead to the accumulation of dust, debris, and other particles in the basket area, thereby disturbing the smooth rotation of the basket and affecting its performance.

You must keep the basket area clean and wipe away dust and dirt timely. After you are done cleaning, press the basket back to its original position without applying a lot of pressure. Always check for the broken clips of the basket and check for the issues, if any.

spin mop problem

Problem 3: The pedals fail to rotate the drying tub:

All the advanced models of a spin mop include a pedal mechanism. You can press these pedals to rotate the drying tub. The pedals contain gears that gather dust and debris over time and can then fail to function. The process also jams the gear mechanism of the pedals.

You can turn over the bucket and unscrew the screws so present. Take off all the fixtures and reach the gear mechanism of the spin mop. Now, clean all the dust, debris, and accumulation of other materials on the spin mop. Once cleaned, spray the waterproof lubricant on the mechanism and gears so that they don’t get damaged.

Problem 4: The mop doesn’t soak the cleaning solution:

Many times, the mop head of your spin mop fails to soak up the cleaning solution. Eventually, you don’t end up cleaning the floor as well, as easily. If you use a mop for an extended period, its fibers may pile off.

This problem has the easiest solution. Ditch the old mop head for the new one. The new mop head is easy to fit and use. Also, ensure to dry the mop head after each use to extend its life.


A spin mop is a handy cleaning tool that helps to keep your home clean and dirt-free. Always use a good-quality mop to maintain it in the long run. Furthermore, clean it right after use and maintain it properly.