The landscape of beauty experts has shifted, all thanks to social media. Not too long ago, it was the well-coiffed staff member at the beauty counter in your favorite department store that provided advice on what products to use and what the latest trends are.

But, today, consumers turn to social media influencers to find guidance on beauty products. We are all trying to make our dollar stretch, so it is helpful to have a hands-on review of a product before we drop our hard earned money on it.

Top influencers vary from licensed cosmetologists to YouTube enthusiasts, but there are certain top-shelf beauty brands they seem to agree on. Here are 5 luxury brands influencers love:

  1. L’Oreal. While you can find this brand in drugstores, it is the biggest global beauty brand around — and that is very lux. The cosmetics company also was one of the first to embrace online influencers to boost its brand appeal. Beauty vloggers like Kristina Bazan, Patricia Bright, Ling KT, Lydia Millen, Ruth, Victoria, Kaushal Molasaria, and Emily Canham were wrangled to promote the Beauty Squad launch.
  2. La Mer. In 2018 alone, luxury skincare brand La Mer partnered with over 1,500 social influencers. Going all in with this marketing tactic paid off by giving the company over 12 million engagements.
  3. Benigna Parfums. The global fragrance brand, Beniga Parfums is quickly gaining buzz in the influencer circles. The tech-focus of the company sets them apart from other fragrances, while the smells are intoxicating.
  4. Origins. Among chain retail beauty brands, Origins was able to generate the most engagements from social media influencers, according to Business Insider. Origins partners with over 1,400 accounts and beat out other heavy hitters in the category like Lush and BodyShop. The brand prides itself on using “only the good stuff” and all products are void of parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, DEA, polyurethane beads, and animals products (except cruelty-free beeswax and honey).
  5. MAC. MAC has always been an approachable luxury brand, so it’s no surprise that it has embraced social media influencers to not only promote its products but also develop them. The brand will be launching a beauty influencer lipstick line, called MAC Makers, that will feature lipsticks from influencers Alessandra Steinherr and Fleur Bell (Fleur DeForce)

Overall, it is clear that luxury brands are stepping into the mainstream by teaming up with beauty influencers. It is no longer profitable to be exclusive. Instead now, luxury means your product is the utmost quality and that can be proven by inviting influencers to offer honest feedback.