Are you planning your next vacation, and dreaming of spending your days relaxing on the beach? From snorkeling and swimming to lazing around in the sun and reading a book. With so many beach destinations around the world, it can be a difficult choice. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of some of the must-see beach destinations from around the world. From a relaxing vacation to an adventure-packed holiday, there’s a beach for every kind of holiday.

Italy is a must-see beach destination around the world


Delicious food, world-renowned wine, and the glistening waters of the Mediterranean – what’s not to love about Italy? A trip through the beach towns of the Riviera Coast is one of the world’s most unique experiences. The iconic terraced villages such as Monarola and Riomaggiore are a sight to behold in themselves. At the water’s edge, there is a charming mix of locals going about their business and visitors refreshing themselves in the Italian sun.

Bali is a must-see beach destination around the world


Get a taste of South-East Asia with a trip to beautiful Bali. Visitors to this small island region of Indonesia often navigate its network of highlands and beaches on motor scooters. Zip to the surf beaches of the southern Bukit Peninsula, or pull in at Jimbaran Bay for a sunset dinner of fresh seafood enjoyed right on the water’s edge.

The Island of Samoa is a must-see beach destination around the world


Don’t be fooled by Samoa’s small size – it’s one of the world’s most beloved places for an island getaway. The island nation is very welcoming to visitors. It has a robust and professional tourism industry and plenty of premium resort accommodation. It is resplendent with the palm trees, turquoise waters, and white sand beaches characteristic of the South Pacific. This jewel of the Pacific Ocean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Australia is a must-see beach destination around the world


With over 10,000 beaches to choose from – more than any country in the world – Australia has something for everyone. Urban centers such as Sydney blend opportunities for fine dining and chic nightlife with relaxing days in the warm waters of Bondi Beach. A road trip along the country’s vast coastline provides access to smaller, more intimate beaches. In particular, the secluded beaches which dot the coastline of Queensland are not to be missed.

New Zealand is a must-see beach destination around the world

New Zealand

Being near the ocean is a way of life for New Zealanders. With such an impressive array of beaches within driving distance of all major cities, it’s easy to see why. Visit one of the local beaches in Auckland or drive north to the golden sands of the Bay of Islands. Head south to Raglan for the world-class surf and laid-back locals. A road trip along the West Coast of the South Island is also mandatory. Take in the drama of this rugged coastline, set against the backdrop of the majestic Southern Alps.

Mexico is a must-see beach destination around the world


A trip to Mexico’s stunning coastal beaches is the perfect remedy for the cold winter months. With an ideal equatorial climate and an extensive coastline, visitors are spoiled for choice. For luxurious, fully catered beach holidays, head to resort towns such as Cancún or Playa del Carmen in the state of Quintana Roo. For something more off the beaten track, smaller beach towns such as Puerto Escondido on the south coast of Oaxaca offer a laidback surf-vibe.

Hawaii is a must-see beach destination around the world


The spiritual home of surfing, Hawai’i is a must-visit destination for the surfers of the world. In particular, the beaches on the island of Oahu’s North Shore, such as Waimea Bay or Sunset Beach, boast some of the best surf breaks in the world. While the thrill-seekers ride the waves, there’s plenty for the pleasure-seekers too. For sunbathing and snorkeling, there is ample supply of quieter spots throughout the island state.

Columbia is a must-see beach destination around the world


Colombia is an emerging destination for tourists to Central and South America. In recent years, the country’s tourism infrastructure has improved, allowing easier access to its magical beaches. Whether you follow the contours of Colombia’s Pacific Coast in the west or the Caribbean Coast in the north, it’s hard to go wrong. For a quintessential island paradise, take a flight or a ferry to the islands of the Colombian Caribbean such as San Andrés. The enchanting beaches of these remote islands are worth the journey.

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