Serviced apartments certainly make moving to a new city easier. Rather than having to spend time (and money) trying to settle in, you only need to find a well-serviced apartment with all the amenities you need while you go house hunting. You can even book one online thanks to top service providers like Dream Apartments.

Before you decide to rent a serviced apartment, however, there are a few important factors to consider. As a start, you need to be extra certain that the serviced apartment is run by a reputable and reliable service provider.

Choosing a serviced apartment provider is no longer difficult with the internet on your side. By doing some research and figuring out essential things about the provider, you can make your decision with confidence.


First, you want to take a look at the locations covered by the service provider. If you are moving to Belfast, you certainly want to find service providers that offer serviced apartments in the city. Fortunately, finding providers with short-term apartments in Belfast is easier than you think.

Some providers even have several locations or units for you to choose from. This means you have the option to choose which part of the city you want to live in, along with the kind of amenities you’d like to have as you settle in.

Speaking of locations, you also want to take into account the public facilities and other amenities available near the apartment building. At the very least, you want to collect information on basic amenities such as grocery stores and great restaurants that are within walking distance from the apartment building.


The next thing to look into is the reputation of the service provider. This too is a fairly easy factor to consider, especially now that you have review sites and user testimonials to go through. By reading testimonials of past (and existing) tenants, you can learn a lot about a service provider.

Really good serviced apartment providers know how to keep tenants happy, so they tend to have one positive review after another. Keep in mind that you will come across one or two negative reviews even when looking into the best service provider in the area.

The goal isn’t to find a service provider with a spotless reputation, but rather one that is known for being reliable.

Service Offers

Lastly, you want to look into the service providers’ packages and service offers. Some service providers Dream Apartments mentioned earlier also offer packages for those who want to rent serviced apartments for a specific purpose.

If you just need the unit for a weekend getaway or a relatively short trip, chances are you can enjoy the amenities you need for less, thanks to packages and special deals. Finding a deal that fits your budget and specific needs is also easy with discounts coupons available.

With a good service provider selected, finding a suitable serviced apartment is not going to be difficult. Even better, you can also search for great deals on the available units to secure the best accommodation in destination cities like Belfast.

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