Africa is perhaps the least explored continent when it comes to surfing. However, you will come across several fantastic surfing destinations in the southernmost part of Africa that you ought to visit either sooner or later during your lifetime. South Africa, in particular, offers exotic surfing locations regarding which we will talk about in this post.

1. Jeffrey’s Bay

According to many surfing enthusiasts, Jeffrey’s Bay happens to be the 2nd best wave on the planet and hosts several surfing competitions as well. The town in which the bay is located is renowned for its safe beaches and one can expect to enjoy rides of as much as 2,500 feet long too. One will likewise come across handcrafted clothing outlets in this area which are exclusively devoted to surfing.

2. Durban

Being amongst the top tourist spots in South Africa, Durban will not disappoint the surfing enthusiasts by any means. You will come across the gentle waves in Umhlanga, while the bigger ones can be found further north. However, it is the favorable conditions which make Durban such an awesome place for surfing. uShaka Marine World located in this region is one of the most adorable aquariums tourists will ever come across on the planet. In case you want to reach Durban from any other city in South Africa, it will be advisable to fly kulula Airlines, which will allow you to do so in an affordable and risk-free manner. Once you reach Durban you can put up in any accommodation you prefer, including both costly as well as inexpensive resorts; however, book your accommodation in advance so as to avoid the rush during the holiday season.

3. Llandudno

Although Llandudno is an attractive beach situated in the Western Cape, it is not meant for the faint-hearted by any means. The perilous rocky boulders, as well as lofty cliffs, are scattered almost everywhere, providing wonderful scenery for the surfers out there. However, one needs to be careful of the huge waves that have the propensity to become hollow every now and then along with the rocky boulders that might injure the surfer in the long run.

4. Elands Bay

It is yet another well-known surfing spot in South Africa that must not be ignored during your subsequent tour here. In fact, it is just a short drive from Cape Town, and the region is famous for rocky boulders as well as lofty mountains that help to make the area ideal for any intermediate surfer out there. Moreover, this surfing spot is appropriate for you to master the art of surfing thanks to a lively atmosphere plus rides of as much as 500 feet long.

5. Big Bay

The Big Bay is between Bloubergstrand and Melkbosstrand and offers an astounding training area for the newbies despite its comparatively small size. You will come across numerous surfers in this location throughout the year, along with the local inhabitants selling wonderful surfing souvenirs.

In case you happen to be a surfing buff, you simply cannot afford to overlook these amazing spots we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The best thing about these destinations is the quality of the waves as well as the surfing traditions that will stupefy you.