As buyers in America become wealthier, the demand for luxury real estate in picturesque settings also increases. High-end property buyers often look for an uncompromising blend of great location, innovative architecture, access to luxury clubhouses, proximity to the best healthcare facilities, as well as a breathtaking view.

Since the dawn of luxury real estate, waterfront properties have always been in demand. Tampa Bay area and South Tampa in Florida is riddled with luxury neighborhoods located close to the shore. Most of these listings can easily be seen online in and other reputed Tampa real estate websites. The cost of luxury living in South Tampa and Tampa Bay greatly depends on the neighborhoods. A bit of hunting and you can get a great waterfront residential property at a great value that offers the level of safety and locational features you are looking for. The following are 5 great waterfront localities in Tampa ideal for buying a home.

Beach Park Culbreath Isle

Sandwiched between Beachway Drive and Kennedy Boulevard, Beach Park is a luxury residential area in South Tampa. The area has European-style winding lanes, Mediterranean-style villas, and a gallery of palm and oak trees. Aside from being a part of one of the most exclusive residential communities, people living in Beach Park can witness amazing beach sunsets for the rest of their lives.

Davis Islands

People lucky enough to own homes in Davis Island get amazing views of the Port of Tampa.  Nestled away from the downtown bustle, Davis Island is comprised of two man-made islands split in two by a canal. Residents of Davis Islands can easily cross over to the mainland and access endless shopping and dining options. There are also plenty of shopping and restaurant options located at Davis Islands.

Sunset Park

I want to live near the downtown area without compromising on your want to stay near the water, then Sunset Park is your best bet. Apart from being close to great beach destinations, Sunset Park is close to the best hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and restaurants in South Tampa.

Bayshore Beautiful

If the name gives you any clues, Bayshore Beautiful is a location that offers a million-dollar waterfront view. The neighborhood is bordered by the longest bayside sidewalk (4.5 miles) on the planet. Known as the Bayshore sidewalk, this feature alone makes it a great destination for people fond of going out for jogs or someone who just wants to go on lazy strolls whilst enjoying a great view.

Ballast Point

Known for large expanses of oak trees and a pristine view of the bay, Ballast Point features both high-end luxury homes as well as modest 3-bedroom family houses. Residential buildings in this area showcase Florida architecture at its best. There are plenty of great fishing spots in the area if that’s something you are interested in. Even if you are not a fishing enthusiast, you can always enjoy the views of the water and the Tampa skyline.