Did you know that you can make your home look expensive with some of the most beautiful wood elements? Yes, it is. Beautiful home design doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. While many people lean towards concrete and metal for home design, wood is everything. It is warm, it is easy to tune and pull off crazy designs, and what’s more, it never fails to stun. Here, we will look at a few woodworking elements that you can recreate in your home to create a lasting, stunning effect.

Get a dark wood dining table.

Most dining tables are dark anyway. However, dark wood with visible grains is quite endearing. It brings warmth to the dining room as only wood can. At the same time, know that a good dining table goes well with pendants, which can illuminate the rich grains of the wood perfectly, thus making the dark wood appear even richer. Dark wood has this calm and collected feel, and it adds a touch of classiness to any dining room. Since the dining table makes quite a big and eye-catching feature, the wood with all its glory, knots, strings, and grains will be attention-capturing.

A herringbone wood floor

A herringbone pattern is used here to mean that the floor has been made with pieces of wood that are arranged in such a way as to look like the skeleton of a fish. Such a pattern is very impressive for the hallways, the kitchen, and any other room at home. It is recommended that you use this kind of flooring in the kitchen. Wood is perfect for breaking the monotony of the tiles used all around. However, make sure that it is sealed properly because the kitchen has water spillages. It is best that you have it done by a professional to ensure that it is fully sealed.

Outfitting a whole wall with wood

Many people know about wallpaper, and for sure, it is good. However, if you are daring enough, you can try outfitting an entire wall with wood and see what a stunning effect that it forms. You may try to use wood pieces with different shades.

You can crisscross them to create a herringbone effect, which never fails to impress. Crisscrossed wood pieces will form a very nice pattern. However, be careful not to be carried away and make it too overwhelming. You can break the effect a bit with a white baseboard if it seems too much.

The checkered pattern on the floor

The good thing about installing a wood floor at home is that there is no limit to how you can fine-tune it. In the case of creating a checkered pattern on the floor, you should use paint. Since the wood is mostly light or dark brownish, you can create checkered patterns with bright paint, specifically white. However, note that you will need enough time for this since you need to ensure that your patterns are in a straight line, or the effect will be lost on you completely.

Contrast the furniture tone with that of the floor and ceiling

If you have used darker shades of wood for your floors, walls, and even ceilings, you will agree that getting dark furniture will be too overwhelming. Thankfully, you can make nice furniture with lighter shade wood. This creates a nice and stunning effect, rather than an outstanding contrast.

You can use a different type of wood for the furniture. Even if the piece of furniture that you are making will be placed together with the other wood items in the room, do not fear. Make it different; you will love it.

Texture can be striking.

Select woods that are rich in grain patterns, and you will not be disappointed. For example, a dining table made of rosewood would be quite captivating with its richness of grains compared to holly, which is almost blank. You may have to steal a few ideas from home improvement magazines or online sources. However, recreating these nice woodworking elements in your home can turn it from boring to captivating, albeit in a subtle way.

When creating with wood, let your imagination fly. You will be surprised at the wonderful effect that wood can add to your home design.