There are a number of health benefits to growing your own plants and getting outdoors into the garden. If you do not have a garden, then you can still likely find an allotment for you to do a bit of gardening in. Gardening is available to virtually everybody, providing you are able to leave your homes, which at this time, unfortunately, many cannot due to the lockdown restrictions imposed to combat the further spread of the SARS-CoV-19 virus. However, if this is the case, you can still grow plants indoors, assuming they can access sunlight and water.

In this article, we are going to tell you about six benefits of growing plants that you definitely need to know. The benefits listed in this article will solely be health benefits and benefits for your body, as opposed to benefits to nature, the environment, or your garden. Mental illness is, at this time, on the rise. Many people are unable to go outdoors and express themselves, and many more are experiencing extreme hardship brought on by the virus and the lockdown restrictions that come along with it.

Here are six benefits of growing plants that you need to know.


Stress can be a catalyst for a number of inflammatory diseases and illnesses, but we will come to stress later. To begin with, let us discuss the disease. Gardening is proven to help the human body fight disease and heal from injuries quicker. A study was undertaken a while ago that showed that hospital patients who were placed in a room with a large window facing out onto fields and hills healed considerably quicker. Gardening is no exemption from this, and gardening can be a fantastic way for the human body to naturally recover from illness and disease. Gardening is therapeutic, relaxing and can help you to recover much faster.

If you suffer from any diseases, getting out into the garden could be a good way for you to nurse yourself back to health. With that said, we are not advocating that you should forsake your treatment plan or medicine and garden exclusively, but rather, gardening could be a good addition to your pre-existing medical treatment plan. You should ask your doctor beforehand if they are comfortable with you getting outside and going into the garden, though, for they may not advocate it, and instead, may oppose it.


Getting outdoors and gardening can help you to build body strength. When you are gardening, you will likely be exercising your muscles and will get stuck in physically. Gardening can help to improve your physical strength massively, so if you are not a fan of strenuous exercise or cardio, then you could at least garden to keep yourself in shape. If you do not know what to start with, find a garden website, check out their reviews, and discover what could potentially wait for you in the garden. You can build your strength outdoors, we assure you.


As we grow older, our memories can begin to weaken and dwindle. A way to combat this, and a way that many neurologists recommend, is to get outdoors and garden. Gardening can be a great mental exercise – you will have to remember all of your plants and when you need to tend to them, as well as their names, seasons, and other details. 

growing a plant in the garden
Your memory will improve over time if you begin to go outdoors and garden, combined with other activities, such as reading and playing games of skill. Definitely consider going outdoors if you want to improve your memory.


Gardening can be a great way to fight depression and anxiety – over time; you will notice that you find yourself considerably happier and less depressed as you get into the garden. Many people recommend gardening to those who have recovered from depression. You will find that your mood becomes much higher and that you find life far easier to cope with if you get outdoors and garden. If you experience low moods, depression, or just are fed up; you might want to give going outdoors some thought and getting stuck into your garden. There is a whole world of wonder waiting for you.



Reduction of stress is one of the most important benefits of gardening. It is one that we have already mentioned – one that can be highly beneficial. The modern world is very hard to cope with, and because of this, many people find themselves very stressed out and unable to cope. If you are stressed out, like many of us are, then you might want to go outdoors and consider gardening. Gardening is proven to reduce your levels of stress and help you to return to baseline and relax. Stress can be a contributing factor to a number of diseases, so it should be fought back against.


Addiction can be something that is very hard to fight against. If you find yourself under the thumb of a drug or substance, gardening could be a good way to draw yourself away from drugs. Addiction can be controlled and regulated with regular gardening and treatment. Gardening is used by many keyworkers and social workers to fight addiction – when so many professionals recommend it. If you do suffer from addiction, please consider seeking help, and please consider taking up gardening as a hobby.

Honorable Mention: Human Connections

If you suffer, as many of us do, with isolation and a lack of human connection, you may want to consider gardening. Gardening in your community in an allotment or public park can be a great way to foster human relationships and make friends. Human connections can be difficult to establish and maintain – if you find yourself lonely and isolated, then consider getting involved in gardening, providing you are interested in gardening. If you do not have an interest in gardening, then forcing yourself outdoors will not help you. Give gardening a shot if you are into the outdoors and are lonely.

In this article, we hope to have explained to you why you should give gardening a go and what the benefits of gardening are. Gardening is a great hobby and one that can help you massively. Thank you for reading – please do come back and visit us again soon.