Security offers invaluable protection to businesses; not only does it offer safety, but it also acts to reduce insurance rates, compensation, and liabilities costs. Security has and always has been an important part of protecting businesses. There are many reasons why security is so important, and this article will further explore some of those reasons. 

Access Control

Access control is one of the most widely used security measures. This is a preventative measure that is used across many different businesses across the world. Why? Because it works. Access control can be implemented in various ways, for example, ID checkpoints, passcodes, or automatic controls. This measure is so successful because it prevents people from going into areas they should not go into. There is no need for a physical guard and so removes the threat of confrontation. 

Physical Security

Physical security surveillance is vital in keeping businesses safe. It is another preventative measure that works in real-time. Whether you have security patrolling the environment or monitoring the environment, you have consistent surveillance. You may not always want to have a team of security. For example, you may be hosting a one-off event that needs security but not on a full-time basis. An expert from this Perth based security company suggests using companies that allow you to hire security personnel on an ad-hoc basis. Companies offer business security solutions that are tailored to the business’s needs. The security solutions come in a wide range of possibilities, and we have listed some below.

  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Patrolling 
  • CheckPoints, for example, entrances and exits. 

A secure workplace has a positive correlation with staff productivity, as they can focus on their work. In turn, this increases the efficiency of the business, so it really is a win-win situation.


Implementing an alarm system is an effective way of detecting any suspicious or malicious behavior. If your alarms are repeatedly being set off, you may be at risk of some premeditated attack.  There are several benefits to a security system, and one of the main perks of the alarm system is that it will alert you to this in real-time.

business security surveillance

Camera Surveillance

CCTV surveillance is a popular security solution used all over the world. It creates a cure workplace environment and acts as a preventative measure, as it warns any trouble makers that they will be caught on camera. Additionally, it keeps a close eye on who’s coming in and who’s going out. This is especially useful if at some point something bad has happened in your workplace and you need to take the incident to the police. The first question the officers will ask you is if you have CCTV in place, and so you will be in a good position to provide evidence of what has happened. 

On another note, having a reliable camera surveillance system will help you get a better insurance company rate.


Another effective way of keeping your business safe is by having a way to differentiate between who is an employee and who is not. A simple thing such as using badges or workplace IDs will make a world of difference, as someone who is not an employee will distinctly stand out among the crowd. 

Many larger businesses have enforced employee identification cards among their staff that show name, job role, photo, and sometimes a company image. These IDs can also work as keys for passing through restricted areas and can be manually controlled as to who’s IDs will work. 

How Do I Know Which Security System To User?

What security system you should use will depend on the nature of your business. Choosing if you are a very small scale, a start-up company, your security needs will be much less than a big, longstanding corporate business. So the first step is evaluating your business’s security needs, and once you have done that, you can consult with providers and see what they recommend. Additionally, you should go into these discussions with a clear budget in mind; it’s important to be flexible but do not allow yourself to continuously be drained of money. Be aware of where your spending is going. 

Test your system with your security needs in mind, and hopefully, when that is all up and running, you will have created a secure, strong, and happy workplace. 

Hopefully, this article has demonstrated the importance of having a secure work environment for your business. The bottom line is, if you have a strong security system in place, your business will be more successful as it reduces risks of closures, crimes and lowers your insurance rates.