If you are tired of spending money on new clothes every once in a while due to constant wear and tear, you must focus on maintaining the quality of your fabrics. Note that a major part of the durability and longevity factors related to your clothes boils down to the way you do your laundry. Follow these 6 tips to keep your clothes fresh and maintain their quality.

1. Use Less Detergent

The more detergent you use, the stiffer your clothes become after each wash. They also become dull and lose their color, which reduces their quality. Reduce the amount by ½ cup during each wash and substitute the other half with baking soda. While using less detergent is crucial, the type of detergent you choose is also important. Liquid detergents are milder and work better on clothes as compared to powdered detergents. You can also check laundry detergent sheets and compare them to liquid and powder detergents.

2. Wash Them Inside Out

If most of the clothes you own are dark in color, always turn them inside out when shoving them in the washing machine. This will keep them from fading and retain their original shade. T-shirts with graphics and prints will also retain the images without cracking.

3. Know the Settings of Your Washing Machine

Different settings on your washer are meant for different fabrics and the kind of wash you need. Pick a gentle setting to reduce wear and tear and maintain the quality of your clothes. If you have the luxury, invest in a high-quality washing machine if you don’t own one yet. Among several options available today, choosing the best washing machine can be a daunting task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Consult an expert or read a lot of reviews to make an informed decision. Furthermore, do not cram your machine with clothes as they rub against each other and deteriorate the fabric quality.

maintaining the quality of your clothes

4. Wash Your Intimates in a Mesh Bag

Your intimates can easily tear and rip if washed at a harsh washer setting with other clothes. To avoid this, put them in a mesh bag and throw them in the machine with other clothes. The bag will protect your delicates from additional friction and prolong the life of your delicates. 

5. Avoid Dry Cleaning

The process of dry cleaning uses a lot of harsh chemicals that can reduce the quality of your outfits. While your suit needs dry cleaning once in a while, reduce your dependency on this process as it can deteriorate your outfits’ color, fabric, and stitches. Instead, iron them or place them in the bathroom during your shower. The steam will treat the wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

6. Dry them Under the Sun

Using a dryer to dry your clothes will not only diminish their quality but also suck up a lot of energy, which can result in longer utility bills. Moreover, it is harmful to the environment as well. A simple alternative is to air dry your clothes after washing them and placing them under the sun. The UV rays from the sun will also kill harmful microbes in your clothes and eliminate odor.

These tips are simple, cost-effective, and help you take a more sustainable approach. Note that buying good-quality clothes is also important to enhance durability and longevity. By implementing these tips, you can achieve new and fresh-looking clothes after every wash.