If there is one place in the world that’s all about luxury and the good life, it is Las Vegas. For the richest customers and those in love with gambling, Sin City offers more than just a regular tourist attraction, but a true VIP experience, which is not paralleled by many others.

Today, we talk to Lucas Mollberg, a long-time casino game expert and an insider on all things gambling-related. We talk about the VIP experience in Las Vegas, and what you can expect to get there if you go and plan on having a very luxurious vacation.

Hello Lucas and thank you for being with us. Before we start, can you briefly introduce yourself and explain to our readers why we are talking to you about this topic?

Hell and thank you for having me. My name is Lucas Mollberg, and I have been around the casino industry pretty much my whole adult life. I fell in love with casino games at an early age, and have always spent time close to them. Today, I run sites that help players from all over the world get the best possible casino experience, including Bestbonus.co.nz and a handful of others.

We take it you spend a good chunk of your time in Las Vegas. Can you tell us a bit about how it is to be a gambler in Vegas, especially if you are playing for high stakes?

I definitely would not put myself into that group, as I spend most of my time in Vegas working, rather than having fun. That said, I spend most of my time in the casinos and have met quite a few high-rollers who get the VIP treatment you want to talk about.

If you are a high-roller in Vegas, you don’t pay for anything! The casinos will comp your room, they will comp your dinners, you ticket shows, you name it! They give high-rollers big lines of credit as well, so as to make sure they spend a lot of money and don’t run out of liquid cash on them.

While the final goal of the casino is certainly for you to lose a lot of money, they will give you the best possible experience in the meantime, and a fair chance to win as well. What you do once you have won, is up to you, but I have seen many high-rollers fall in love with the lifestyle and stick around until they give it all back.

What part of that VIP experience can an average player who visits Vegas expect? How much do you need to bet to get treated in a special way?

I am not going to lie to you, Vegas gets a lot of visitors, and they all gamble. For the most part, visitors have to pay for their accommodations and food, while the drinks on the floor of the casino are free for anyone who is playing, even at the slot machines.

However, the more you bet, the better you will get treated. They have special staff dedicated to tracking players and identifying the high-rollers early on. If you plan on bringing a substantial bankroll with you to Las Vegas and gambling it up, I suggest you look for the player concierge and tell them straight up that you are looking for special treatment. Most casinos will give it to you, so as to avoid you going to another property and losing your money there.

Thank you for your time and this useful insight into the VIP lifestyle in Las Vegas. Should some of our readers decide to take that lux trip to Vegas, we are sure it will help them know what’s waiting for them.