What does a woman want in a man? The proverbial question that has plunged man into doing many great feats, do inexplicable acts, and even start a war at some point. All in the pursuit of being the perfect match for the woman that has captured their hearts.

We all have heard the most common tips on how to reel a girl’s attention. These include the worn-out adage “confidence is key,” “be adventurous and spontaneous,” and the cynical advice of “have money and status.” Although they are not entirely wrong, they are not also the easiest things to achieve, nor do all men can have them. Here are some surprising ways to be more attractive to your paramour: 

1. Manners

The old adage “manners make a man” does serve well when you’re out there trying your luck attracting the opposite sex. Having manners shows a woman how you’ll treat her and the level of respect she can expect from you when she decides to be with you in the future. Most women don’t really show their displeasure when you exhibit poor manners towards other people, nor will they ignore it when she’s deciding about how to proceed in your relationship. 

We all learn proper manners in school,l and at home, so it’s only right that you apply those things in your daily interactions.

2. Communicate Properly

In the age of information, there is no shortage of ways on how to exchange ideas. Before, when they only have the telephone and letters to express their feelings in their absence, now, we have e-mail, text messaging, video calls, etc. 

When it comes to attracting women, knowing how to communicate properly is vital in how they perceive you and your future prospects for that particular person—learning how effectively messaging women can put you in a prime position early on. Tapping into their emotions, establishing a connection, and understanding your position will prove to be helpful in your pursuit of having a deeper relationship with the woman you like.

3. Be Informed

You don’t really need to have a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. to be a well-informed individual. Women may find a man interesting if they have a grasp of the things they want to talk about. Although many times we may find ourselves lost in translation, but having the effort to be abreast of the conversations she’s interested in will prove to be helpful.

They need somebody to talk to or ask advice from, and if you’re not in sync with how things are, then you’d find yourself looking like a dunce. You’d lost your chance for a brownie point, and if you insist on your mistake, then you’d find yourself paddling into deeper waters.

4. Have A Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor is a sign of a higher level of intelligence. But in terms of relationships, having someone to laugh with, banter, and play jokes on brings joy to both people. If you’re able to bring out a smile every time your loved one feels down, then she’ll see you as an invaluable source of joy that they must treasure.

Wit is a major plus in your “attractiveness bag”. It is being keenly aware of your surroundings and creatively whips something up to amuse and please the person you’re with. Being witty is like always being surprised with joy and laughter in your conversations, which will definitely make a good impression on her.

5. Establish Sexual Tension

Now, most people will tell you to strike when the iron is hot. If a man tells you to hold sex even if the moment is right, you’d definitely have your eyebrows raised. However, there are times when holding out sex to show your sincerity in exploring the relationship first will have a bigger pay-off in the future. Not to mention, the tension will make you more desirable to her.

6. Man of Style

Not everyone has the same taste, some may like the urban look, others would prefer to sport the look of a man-in-the-woods, and still, others would prefer a more laid-back style. But if you’re on a first date, it’s not advisable to go out smelling like dried fruit. You also don’t have to dress like you’re going to the prom. It is important, however, to have the right grooming, proper hygiene, and (suit up!) – well no – just wear something that the lady won’t get embarrassed about being seen with you in public.

There are other tips out there, but it’s important to start somewhere and build from there. The attributes listed above will make a woman take you seriously when you’re expressing your intentions to her. Women’s brains are hard-wired to be caring and other-centered; they’ll take care of the people around them so they need somebody who can support them and pick up the slacks if she stumbles. Be a person they can rely on and always be sincere. It doesn’t matter if you’re courting a girl, in the early stages of your relationship, or you’ve been married for many years, having the qualities above will help you get them to ignite and keep the flames of love burning.