How do you keep your payrolls? If you have many employees, then it’s imperative to maintain an excellent payroll system for them. Great payroll management will enhance accuracy, it will minimize payment frauds, and most importantly, the control will save time and money at work.

So, if you often find it hard to manage your workers’ payslips, this guide is for you. Read on to learn how you can effortlessly manage your employees’ payroll and enhance your business efficiency.


It is normal for employees to raise complaints regarding their payments. And when they complain, your team should do thorough investigations on those claims to know their truth. Even without the claims, it’s advisable to go through the payrolls to know if everything is okay.

If you use the manual payroll system, the chances are high that there will be some human errors. The software systems are not accurate too, and they might have some mistakes also. For maximum efficiency, investigate the systems on regular occasions. You may do it yourself. Or hire a team of auditing experts to do the work on your behalf.

Use Payroll Software

If you use the manual payroll systems, the chances are high that you often deal with employee complaints regarding the accounting systems. Even then, the manual records are hard to keep, and they are prone to theft or damage if not well maintained. Excellent payroll software can help in managing payrolls effortlessly. You will only need to find the right software, learn how to use it, and add it to your accounting systems.

There are many payroll software; therefore, you should be wise to choose the best option. The software may not guarantee 100% efficiency, but it will automate the payment systems, and you will have fewer errors and mistakes.

Plan of Your Payment Schedules

Every organization should have a proper payment schedule. For instance, you may plan to pay daily, biweekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Whatever the schedule you opt for, record it, and follow it. Do not cause inconveniences by delaying the payment when you agreed with your workers on a particular program.

In addition to the schedule, plan on the salary computation for your employees. Which tactic will you be using? Who will be doing the calculations? Plan everything well to reduce the inconveniences of causing delays.

moneyUnderstand the Laws

Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding the payroll systems. These rules are mandatory, and you might quickly face legal repercussions if you fail to adhere to them. Some of the things which the laws govern include payment of taxes, minimum salary amount, and employee benefits.

Find out the specific requirements in your business niche and adhere to them. Monitor your payrolls well, and present them to the authorities at the right time if need be.


Communication is a vital aspect of all the parts of the organization. It keeps everyone at pace with the current changes and increases transparency. For better payroll management, you should inform your employees about all the changes you make in your payroll systems.

You should also update them on any amendments regarding the taxes, modes of payments, and deductions. When your communication is top-notch, you will have more organized and reliable payroll systems for your employees.

Keep Your Records

It’s essential to have a backup for all your payrolls. Even with payroll software, the hard copy records will prove that you indeed made the payment, just in case a problem arises.

So download all the payrolls in the software, print them, and keep them safely in their files. Ensure that no one can readily access the area you have kept the records. In this way, you will always have a reliable backup for your payrolls.

Hire a Payroll Manager

The process of keeping payrolls is not easy. It involves a lot of additions and subtractions, which may quickly overwhelm you. As an entrepreneur, you still have other important activities to attend to.

You need to oversee the marketing process, human resource activities, SEO, and other duties. It would, therefore, be a wise decision to hire a reputable payroll manager. The expert will oversee the payroll systems and all the activities related to the payrolls. Your work will only be to check if everything is okay.

Payroll management is not easy. The process might be more difficult and more technical if you run a bigger organization with many employees. However, the good thing is that you can readily manage the processes by following the above handy tips. You can adopt other practices too if they contribute to the success of the management of your payroll system.