If you are an avid traveler, you already know the thrill and joy of traveling freely around the world. While there are a lot of great places to visit around the world, some places have been blessed with extraordinary and iconic features that make them absolutely irresistible. These destinations often take the top spot on any traveler’s bucket list. 2021 has brought forth hopeful prospects and a wave of enthusiasm among people. Having suffered the wrath of the pandemic and being stuck at home during quarantine has given me a new perspective on life. If you have decided to leave behind your shackles and start traveling in 2021, we have compiled the six best places for you based on lifestyle, attractions, food, and more.

1. Paris, France

Paris has been consistently topping the list of the best places to visit in the world. The city offers a surreal atmosphere and a bunch of architectural feats, including the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe, which people can’t wait to see at least once in their lives. With regular flights, a secure lifestyle, and good food, Paris is the ultimate location for romantic getaways, rebellious teens, and world travelers who are looking for a change of scenery. If you find yourself in Paris, the City of Romance, in 2021, be sure to take a stroll down the Louvre Museum and appreciate the city’s art and culture. 

2. London, England

The popularity of London has only grown ever since it first began receiving appreciation for its perfect blend of historical and modern architecture. The city is brimming with world-renowned sites, including the Tower of London, Tate Modern, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. You will find people from every nook and corner of the world united in a single place, appreciating the beauty that is London, and all of the different London Restaurants available; from Caribbean restaurants to Chinese, Indian and more. Efficient public transportation will keep you on the roll and allow you to explore the city to your heart’s content.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

If you are looking for an escape and the serious commitments of life, Istanbul is the perfect spot for you. The chill atmosphere in Turkey will melt away any stress you might be carrying and immerse you in its unique cuisine and culture. The city is full of mosques and palaces, giving you a glimpse into the past, and the cafes and luxurious hotels will ensure you enjoy the city to its full extent. It’s also a great location if you’d like to travel with the family. The options found at limakhotels.com give you insight into how some hotels cater to family holidays as well. The historic and modern mix this city offers will keep you busy for days. Be sure to take a stroll down the historic Sultanahmet District and the touristic Istiklal Caddesi area.

Bangkok travel

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of these destinations that is really one of a kind. The love and attention Bangkok receives every year make it one of the best places to visit, with over 20 million visitors every year. Bangkok has got everything the heart desire, making it so irresistible that people keep coming back. From bustling streets, modern subways, and skyscrapers to historic sites, heart-warming gardens, and thrilling events, there is nothing you won’t find in Bangkok. To top it all off, Bangkok, despite being one of the most esteemed places to visit, offers an affordable vacation for everyone. 

5. Rome, Italy

The stunning and magnificent Roman empire continues to live in Rome, Italy. Due to its historical significance and adventurous atmosphere, Rome is one of the most popular cities for traveling. The city holds important landmarks like the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, and the Vatican, which one cannot miss out on. If you want to experience the authentic Italian lifestyle and their cuisine, Rome is the best place to begin.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Unlike the other destinations on this list, Tokyo offers something that no one can compete with- the exquisite and rich Japanese culture. Tokyo, despite its popularity, manages to steer clear of the Western influence and embraces its culture in a way that attracts millions every year. It has everything one could wish for low crime rates, magnificent temples, bustling streets, and rich cuisine. You can take a stroll down lavish gardens, explore malls, and go on a shopping heist, all in a secure and colorful Japanese environment. 

Traveling should take the number one spot on anyone’s 2021 bucket list. Not only does it give you the drive to experience new things, but it also boosts your mental health and allows you to create unforgettable memories. If you need to travel on a budget, you can check out these travel promo codes to help you get the best out of your journey.