Most people will spend a third of their whole lives in their bedroom for sleeping, dressing, and relaxing. It’s essential to put an emphasis on the design aspects of your bedroom to encourage restfulness. Adding luxurious items and decor elements can provide that 5-star hotel room experience into your home without having to travel to a different country during the pandemic.

Add a King, Split King, or California King Bed

A bigger mattress will instantly make your bedroom look more luxurious because there is an association between the price of sheets and your bed size. If you’re unsure whether your space can fit a California King bed, stick to a King. Not only are King sized sheets easier to find, but some mattress companies will give you the option of a Split King, which lets you choose the softness and firmness for each sleeper’s preference. This guide offers an in-depth look at how to choose the best mattress size for your individual needs and room dimensions.

Start With Neutrals Then Add a Dark Palette

Most hotel rooms use a neutral palette because it helps to reflect light, which illuminates the space while improving your mood. A clean white or off-white bedsheet also looks luxurious since it’s documented proof you like to stay in a well-kept area. Layering different tones can look very chic, especially if the room is small. However, smaller spaces can benefit more from warm and dark neutrals because it gives the illusion that the area is large. Dark and dark can work well, as long as the lighter colors come from a similar family and add depth.

Master bedroom in luxury home

Suspend a Chandelier

Chandeliers have had an association with luxury since European royalty started using them in all of their homes, mansions, and castles. Large, elaborate chandeliers work better in small spaces with high ceilings, but you have to be careful with low ceilings. For shorter rooms, use multiple, small chandeliers on the ceiling, or add a decorative lamp to each bedside table. Whatever you choose, a chandelier will act as a wonderful focal point in the room.

Use Large and Ornamental Headboards 

Headboards serve the dual purpose of looking luxurious while also giving you a comfy spot to place your head while you’re reading or relaxing. If your room is small, headboards can create a focal point in the room without overcrowding the walls. Large rooms may need headboards with extra height, or else they could disappear into the scope of the space. You don’t need to decide between a headboard and art as long as you place pictures on the opposite side of the room or directly above your bed. Avoid matching the color of your headboard with the rest of the furniture.

Buy a Low Bedroom Bench

Bedroom benches and ottomans are versatile and can fit into any bedroom regardless of style, but a closed ottoman is the better choice for 2 reasons. First, they are usually more comfortable and spacious, and second, they can hide unsightly items from view inside its structure. Free space is essential in luxury, and a bench can add space even in a small bedroom. Plus, you’ll always have a spot to sit beside your bed and risk messing up your sheets. The bench is the only exception when it comes to matching your headboard, so buy one in a similar color.

Install Ceiling to Floor Curtains

High ceilings are typically seen as luxurious because of the association with Victorian mansions and infinite height. While not all homes will come with mile-high windows, you can imitate this effect by installing a curtain rod higher than the window and putting up curtains that reach the floor. Suspend curtains at least 8-12 inches above the frame, but ensure the curtains don’t buckle and look messy. Match the linens on your bed to draw the eyes to both features.