What do all guests do as soon as they check into their rooms in a fancy hotel? They dive face first on the bed to get some much-needed rest. This often leads to the realization that home bed are in no way as comfortable as hotel room beds. Right from the firmness of the mattress to how the linen feels against the skin, everything feels perfect.

Even if you buy the best pillow top mattress and plush pillows, that hotel room feel is often hard to mimic. So, what are the hotels doing that you are not? In this short post, we reveal 6 practical tips to transform your bed to make even the strictest housekeeping manager proud.

Before we begin with our list of tips, a fair warning is due. The cost and effort of transforming a bed are significant. However, considering the fact that an average person spends 25 years in their lifetime on their beds, the cost of making your bed sleep-worthy is definitely justified.

Don’t Cheap out on the Mattress: Most 5-Star chain hotels have pre-existing contracts with mattress suppliers. This helps them to procure the best plush top and pillow top mattresses money can buy. They not only get to dictate the filling used in these mattresses but they also get better rates for ordering in bulk. As a homeowner, you get none of these advantages. The best thing you can do is buy the most comfortable mattress you can afford. This is going to be costly but something that’s going to pay you back with years of undisturbed sleep. The width of the mattress, which is measured in inches, goes a long way into creating that hotel-room feel. More the thickness, better the cushioning. We recommend a 13-inch mattress just to be safe.

Invest in a Quality Mattress Pad/Topper for That Extra Plush Feel: What do most hotels do that homeowners don’t? You guessed it, mattress toppers. These miracle covers not only protects your expensive mattress, but they add a layer of padding for that extra plush feel. Make sure the mattress cover is made from hypoallergenic materials because these covers will not get changed as often as sheets.

You Need Two Bed Sheets, Top and Fitted: Some people like fitted sheets while others like regular sheets that comes without the elastic, we recommend both. It’s all about the layers people. Here’s what we recommend. Lay down the fitted sheet first. The reasons we recommend a fitted sheet is because they are much less likely to get undone as opposed to a regular flat sheet. This means even if you are a restless sleeper there is no chance that the base layer of sheet is going to come off exposing the mattress cover underneath. Once your fitted sheet is all tucked in, layer a flat sheet on top of it.

White Linens, Always White Linens: Notice how all hotels universally use white linen. It’s not by accident. White linen is not only super relaxing, but it also makes it easy to spot particles of dirt and sand. Therefore, if you want that 5-star hotel room bed, you need to buy white sheets, pillow covers, duvet, and mattress cover.

Pima or Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Pillow Covers Can Make a Huge Difference: Just like you need a comfortable mattress to cushion you while you sleep, you want nothing but the best materials to be in contact with your skin. This means sheets and pillow covers need to be made from Egyptian or Pima cotton. These have a high thread count (300 or more) and a degree of smoothness far exceeding regular cotton.

Make Your Bed Every Single Day, Change Sheets Every Couple of Days: One of the major reasons why most homes have uncomfortable beds is dirt. Dirt and microscopic allergens can make you feel itchy and can be the cause of midnight sneezing sprees. While hotels have full-time housekeeping staff to change the sheets every day, you need to do it yourself. Get into the habit of changing your bed sheet every couple of days along with pillow covers. Also, you need to make your bed every morning. This ensures your bed is as inviting and comfortable as a hotel bed when you return to it at night.

Don’t forget the face-first dive for the complete experience. Happy nap time.